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Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas from Indiverve!


What is the “bohemian” look?

In the fashion world, the term “bohemian” is often used to describe a style and attitude associated to being free spirited, independent minded and hippie- chic. Think eclectic, relaxed, and ethnic styles. You can get an idea of what hippie- chic is by looking back to the late 1960’s, early 1970’s and flower child fashion that became popular during that time. Vintage jewelry and fashion has also been associated to the boho look. Beads, fringe, wood and bone materials, flowy and layered clothing, that do not necessarily have to match, are more examples of boho fashion. One good idea is mixing wooden bangles together with bracelets made of other materials like beads or charm bracelets. Boho style lets you make use of your creativity to put together a unique style that is truly all your own!

Here’s some ideas from Indiverve:

copper and wooden earrings

long bone necklace

wooden leaf earrings

black and white beaded striped belt

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Wednesday’s Inspirational Quote

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

Gore Vidal

Friendship Bracelets are Back!

Friendship bracelets are back! How cute is that? Remember wearing bright, neon coloured plastic ones back in the day? How about trading them with your best friend from the school playground? Oh, the nostalgia of the 90’s (for some of us 🙂 Good news! Thanks to celebrities and fashionistas alike you’re never too old to wear them and anyone at any age can wear them- male or female! Refinery 29 did a small article on the DIY friendship bracelet a little while back but if you don’t have time to craft one yourself, there are plenty of options available! Now you can find them with studs, beads, charms, diamonds (fake or real), and in a multitude of colours from brights to pastels to earthy tones in a variety of materials. The choice is yours!

Now how many of you are hoping to get a couple of these in your stocking this Christmas?

turquoise and gold wrap bracelet

studded black wrap around bracelet

assorted friendship bracelets

Hair Oil- Used for Centuries in India

Hair oiling is a traditional habit that has been done not only India but in other countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and of course, Morocco (hence the idea of Moroccanoil) for centuries! The difference is that coconut oil is used instead as well as some amazing smelling herbs like neem, brahmi, and rosemary oil in some formulas. Why not try it? For a fraction of the cost of salon brands its just as effective in nourishing the hair by making it shiny, strong and even preventing hair loss! Coconut hair oil is to be added to the scalp, which is the source of hair growth, and then massaged well and left on for as long as possible- overnight is ideal.

Moroccanoil is a popular salon- brand hair oil that has become insanely popular here in North America recently. Users of the product swear it is the best thing they have tried to help repair their hair and keep it soft and healthy. But for as much as it costs for the tiny amount you get plus the extra synthetic ingredients added to it, you have to question whether its really worth it.

Coconut oil is an amazing  natural beauty aid and its moisturizing properties are very effective. Try it as an alternative and see! Then if you still don’t like it go to the expensive stuff.

A beauty secret used for centuries in India

Indiverve Poll: Unique Bag with Fringe

bag with fringe