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Nitin Sawhney- “Nadia”

nitin sawhneyNitin Sawhney is an Indian- British musician, producer and composer. His sound combines Asian and other worldwide influences with elements of electronica and jazz and often explores themes such as multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. Sawhney is also active in the promotion of arts and cultural matters and has done collaboration work with Sting, Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Taio Cruz, Imogen Heap, Anoushka Shankar and many others. Read and learn more about him and his music here.

Listen to “Nadia”, below, just one outstanding track of Nitin Sawhney to turn up and enjoy!

Which Nitin Sawhney track do you recommend?


Mango Lassi Recipe- Just in Time for the Summer!

Summer is right around the corner and that means its time to trade in the hot cups of coffee and tea that’s been getting you through the winter and cooling things down with a delicious mango lassi! A popular and traditional healthy yogurt-based drink of the Indian subcontinent, its super easy to blend one up yourself. The mango lassi requires just a few ingredients and can be ready in 5 minutes. Its  also a fantastic beverage to instantly soothe an upset stomach.

For an extra delicious touch, sprinkle some ground pistachios over top. If you prefer a less sweet taste, decrease the amount sugar as sometimes mangoes are simply sweet enough on their own. This recipe makes enough for 2-4 servings.


  • 2 fresh mangoes- peeled and diced
  • 2 cups plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup sugar (or substitute with honey)
  • 1 cup ice
  •  few ground pistachios (optional)
In a blender, combine mango, yogurt, sugar and ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.
Voila! Now its time to sit in the sun, relax, and enjoy 🙂

mango fruit

Funky Feather Jewelry for Spring

Feather jewelry, another celebrity inspired trend from last year, continues to be in style throughout the spring/summer. Feathers as jewelry is making its way not only as earrings but also in necklaces, clothing and as hair accessories. Wearing feathers is a hip, bohemian look that first became popular during the 1970’s when free spirited women wore them in their hair. This trend has become ultra popular this year with the revival of 60’s and 70’s vintage style. The nice thing about feathers as jewelry is its so comfortable and light to wear- perfect for a casual and funky look.

For fashion forward style, longer and larger feathers seem to be the most popular but its easy enough to find smaller feather pieces as well. If you like to be the centre of attention, then feather jewelry is for you. If you want to show off your hairstyle or cheekbones, feather jewelry will definitely help flatter these features. Pieces in teal blue, bright pink, red, indigo and sand hues are all hot this spring season.

Below are Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sienna Miller all rocking the feather jewelry trend! We love Garcelle’s bright blue earrings which contrast nicely with her cheery orange top. Gwyneth’s hot pink earrings really pop against her revealing black blouse.

celebrities in feather earrings

blue feather earrings

Our model wears bright blue feather earrings with hints of orange and yellow

blue feather earrings

Close up of feather earrings

blue feather necklace, earrings and bangles

Blue feather necklace, feather earrings and matching bangles

peacock feather print earrings

Taking the feather look and imprinting it on these earrings

Fun Ways to Wear Your Favourite Scarves

Keeping in line with spring 2012’s plethora of bold colours and prints, we showcase some of our favourite looks that we put together recently at our very first fashion photo shoot using our collection of scarves. It was a lot of fun coming up with these looks together with the limited time we had that day.

Get creative with your scarves and as the weather warms up, consider wearing one as a top, as a  dress (if you’re petite it will be even easier for you), or as a skirt where you could tie it sarong style or wrap it as a mini skirt. All you need are safety pins to fasten the scarf securely after wrapping it around your body in your chosen style. We mostly used scarves that measured 30 x 70 inches.

These outfits pictured are proof that scarves aren’t limited to only being worn around your neck or as a bathing suit cover up. We encourage getting creative and wearing them in fun and different ways!

scarf as dress

Here, we used one scarf as a tube top, one as a skirt with leggings, and completed the look with a beaded statement necklace in copper.

scarves worn multiple ways

The same scarves were used for this look but we added another pink patterned scarf worn as a shawl.

tie dye scarf top

For this look we used our lace, tie dyed scarf as a one-shoulder top with jeans, plus we draped another scarf around the model’s arms.

scarf worn as shawl

Here’s the same tie dyed scarf is simply worn as a shawl over a plain black tank top with jeans.

scarf sari style

We draped our paisley printed turquoise scarf as a one shoulder dress and added chunky jewelry to this look.

scarf worn as dress

We used just one striped scarf as a sleeveless dress with skinny jeans and then tied another scarf as a belt for this look.

                                       Which look is your favourite? Would you try any of these scarf styles?

A Fashion Quote from Coco Chanel

chanel quote

Coco Chanel, famous French designer, was one of the most important influences of  fashion design. Known for her modern and practical designs, she is credited for the concept of the little black dress during the 1920’s. Her early collections were full of beading and embroidery. She also popularized the wearing of costume  jewelry and stated “It’s disgusting to walk around with millions around the neck because one happens to be rich. I only like fake jewelry…because it’s provocative.”

coco chanel vintage pic

Coco Chanel

chanel little black dress 1926

Early Chanel little black dress from 1920’s