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Colours, Patterns and Embellishments

We love the unique designs showcased by the multitude of colors, rich patterns, and embellishments which are popular and commonly found in India. For more images of what inspires us, check out our board on Pinterest entitled “Our Inspiration“. Here are just a few ideas that influence our designs:

1) Paisley– The intricate design has long been used in India and resembles the shape of a mango. Popularity of the paisley design grew in the late 1960’s when the Beatles made their way to India and became associated to psychedelic style shortly after.

paisley design

                                                                                                          paisley design

2) Embroidery– The art and handicraft of decorating fabric with thread or yarn, embroidery has been popular in many different countries around the world. It can also be made from other materials such as sequins and beads and placed on clothing, scarves, blankets, and hats to name a few. India is a country known to have some of the most amazing traditional hand embroidery.

indian embroidery

golden threaded embroidery

3) Beading– Used as a form of adornment, beading has existed for thousands of years as evidenced through archaeological records. The variety of beading is endless thanks to the difference in colours, sizes, and materials available. We love it as jewelry and as an embellishment on clothing.


                                                                                              an assortment of bright beads

4) Colour– People have a love of bright and vibrant colours in India. From festivals to Bollywood, there is an interesting symbolic meaning of colour. Bright colours have made a recent come back in fashion, one example being the popularity of neon hues found in clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

bright fabric

fabric in bright and bold colours

5) Patterns– From animal prints, to graphic prints, floral prints and stripes, patterns are popular in a big way this year. We love the look of paisley and lady-like floral and funky geometric prints. Lace is another look we really like and it will inspire some of our clothing and scarves.

animal print

 popular animal prints


A Quote We Love

Today we needed a little extra inspiration. Life can be busy and somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes even when you feel you’ve double and triple checked to make sure everything is perfect in hope that nothing will go wrong, it somehow always does. Little mistakes, and sometimes bigger ones, are naturally made. For a split second you feel panic and remorse. But in line with this quote, its how you handle the situation that counts. Its how you deal with it, fix the situation as best you can, and move forward with all the strength you possess.

We felt this quote was fitting for not only every day activities and occurrences but also thinking about the big picture in life. Nothing and nobody is perfect. There will always be obstacles, whether big or small, that we’re all bound to face. It really is how we handle each circumstance and try to think optimistically and positively. We simply need to make the best of each situation we find ourselves in, learn from it, and move on.

We hope this quote brought a little bit of inspiration for those who need it 🙂

inspirational quote

Prem Joshua- “Dakini”

prem joshua

Today we feature an incredible song from Prem Joshua, multi-instrumentalist and composer, a pioneer of world fusion music. Born in Germany, Joshua began learning the flute at a young age. As a teenager he performed in various rock, jazz and fusion bands as a flute and saxophone player, always searching for new ways of expanding his music.

A musical discontent, combined with his search for the spiritual, pulled him towards India where he became immensely interested in the culture and music found in the country. He traveled extensively throughout Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In each place he became deeply involved with the indigenous folk music he found there. He learned from and played with local musicians along the way.

Prem Joshua has released 14 albums to date and has played on several studio recordings. He has traveled the world many times and plays to an increasing number of music lovers, inspiring them with a musical message that reaches beyond the borders of tradition, politics, religion and belief. He is the number one selling world music artist in India.

The song “Dakini” is just over thirteen minutes long but every second of it is profoundly peaceful, inspiring, and soothing to the ears.

What’s your favourite Prem Joshua song?

Set the Style

We’re very excited to launch our very first app called Set the StyleWe created the app because we want to get opinions on which products to bring to our online store. Set the Style features an assortment of potential products including belts, cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings- all waiting for your expert opinion.

By voting “love it” or “skip it” on the designs that catch your eye, you can earn points in the form of discounts for future use on our online store. All you need to start is a Facebook account and your fashion sense.

Check out, click on the first tile, and tell us what you think!

Set the Style

Earring Decisions- Which ones do you fancy?

Calling all fashionistas and jewelry lovers! We need your expert opinion on a few earring designs.

If you were the Buyer, which ones would you choose?

Please vote on our poll. We’d love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to comment below on any designs that you like.

gold hammered earrings

gold threaded flower earrings

silver threaded and beaded earrings

golden threaded beaded earrings

Sneak Peek- Leather Cuff Bracelets

Leather cuff bracelets are very rock star! Not for the dainty or super feminine, this type of edgy jewelry looks great no matter what season. A great way to dress up a casual t shirt and jeans outfit, these cuffs are versatile enough to wear from day to night. Layer them with other bracelets for a look that’s trendy at the moment. Silver and gold look best with leather so try them with these colours. Another idea is to pair them with beaded or gemstone bracelets. They also look fantastic when worn with cocktail rings, especially blue or turquoise ones.

We’re very excited to soon be carrying a few different designs of  leather cuff bracelets in our online store. We’ll have them with and without studs and embellishments on black, white, brown and deep red colours of leather. We’ll also have very simple designs including a braided style that will be perfect for mixing, matching and layering for a cool, bohemian style. Here’s a sneak peek of a few leather cuff bracelets from Indiverve.

Which one is your favourite?

1)  studded leather wrap bracelet

white leather studded wrap bracelet


2) studded leather cuff leather studded cuff bracelet

brown leather studded cuff bracelet

3) sliced leather cuff with studsred leather studded cuff bracelet

red leather studded cuff bracelet