An Ancient Secret for Glowing Skin

An ancient beauty secret or “nuschka” is revealed in this all-natural recipe for glowing skin.

Before there were make-up artists, spas, or beauty parlors, women in India came up with home made beauty recipes to exfoliate, soften and brighten their face and body, especially for special occasions such as marriage. These all- natural recipes enhanced their natural beauty and improved their skin tone instantly. These beauty secrets are becoming more sought after as women around the world are straying from using harsh and artificial chemicals on their skin. This recipe is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and will result in a beautiful and vibrant glow.

Chick pea flour (besan) is a soft yellow coloured powder available at most Indian grocery stores. Mixed most commonly with milk, water, yogurt or almond oil it helps to hydrate, soften, and cleanse the skin within a few minutes.


For clean and vibrant skin with an instant glow, follow this simple recipe:

•Take 3 tbsp. of besan in a bowl

•Add ½ tbsp. of turmeric powder (haldi)

tumeric powder

*Turmeric acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and instant skin cleanser. It can leave a yellowish tinge on your skin so use just a little bit for this recipe.

• Now mix the two powders. You can choose between water, milk, plain yogurt, rose water or almond oil. Use an adequate amount of any one of these to make a thick paste. Choose one ingredient for the desired effect:
-Water- hydrates the skin
-Milk or plain yogurt- softens and gives the skin a vibrant glow
-Almond oil- nourishes dry skin, but can leave an oily residue so use just a small amount


• Mix the contents well to form a paste thick enough to apply it on your face without it falling off. If the mixture becomes too thin, add more besan to make it more consistent.

• The mixture can be applied on the face, neck or all over the body. Let it dry for approximately 20 minutes then wash it off with luke warm water.

* A few women may be allergic to besan or other ingredients in the mixture. Just to be on the safe side, apply a small amount on the skin and check for any allergies once it dries. Allergic reactions, however, are not very common with this ancient “nuschka”.

Don’t forget to relax, light a candle, and listen to some comforting music. We suggest “Dakini” by Prem Joshua or something similar for an Indian style spa- like experience!



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