Nicole Richie- Bohemian Fashion Inspiration

Nicole Richie’s style has evolved a lot over the years. We love how she rocks the boho glam/ haute hippie look so well. Known for sporting maxi dresses, funky chunky jewelry, and loose braided hairstyles, she’s truly a fashion inspiration when it comes to expressing her individuality. A true trendsetter with effortless style, she is fantastic at accessorizing and she is often seen wearing vintage items with a modern twist. Her love of oversize jewelry and accessories has led her to develop her very own fashion line inspired by 1960’s hippie style. She also does a great job of pulling off the hippie headband look. Take note, Nicole Richie has enviable bohemian style indeed!

nicole richie style

                                                         Nicole Richie rocks the headband and statement necklace look.

nicole richie

                                                                                    Its all about the accessories!

nicole richie photo shoot

                                                                  Chunky statement jewelry is part of her signature style!

nicole richie headband

                                                     Looking fantastic in dark hair, a golden headband, and printed top.


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