Jewelry Poll: Fuchsia Stone Cocktail Rings

We were busy unpacking our recent arrival of cocktail rings the other day and were happy to see that they were made in various styles. We love them all and can’t figure which ones will be the most popular! They all have a unique look to them and we found that not all fuchsia pink  patterns are alike on each stone. Some have a striped look to them, while others remained more of a solid colour. The exquisitely detailed silver etched border surrounding the stones stayed the same.

We can’t wait to have these beauties, as well as our other funky rings, on! For tips and advice on how to wear cocktail rings, check out our blog post “The Cocktail Ring: A Delightful Accessory.”

Tell us what you think. Take a minute to vote on the poll below and let us know which shape is your favourite out of a round, teardrop, or square shape?

pink cocktail rings


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