Introducing….the Quirky Beaded Cuff in Flower Burst

Do you own a piece of jewelry that you adore wearing because its fun, quirky, and colourful all at the same time? You know those items that every time you wear it someone stops to compliment you, whether its a work colleague, or a stranger on the street with an appreciation for fashion? Well, to us, the Beaded Cuff in Flower Burst is just that. It definitely has colour going for it. In soothing turquoise, lady-like coral, and black beads laced with rich gold, something about it screams statement! Expect many compliments, or at the very least, intriguing glances.

The Beaded Cuff in Flower Burst craves to be the centre of attention so you wouldn’t want to wear too much other jewelry or a bunch of detailed clothing patterns with it. In fact, this cuff is an ideal way to add some extra oomph to a little black dress ensemble. Matching your nail colour in edgy black or pretty coral would look stunning. Check out how we styled it with a chunky gold braided bangle plus two thin etched bangles in gold. What do you think of this look?

If you love the cuff, you can shop it here.

beaded flower cuff                                                                 The Beaded Cuff in Flower Burst is funky enough on its own……..

beaded flower cuff back                     beaded cuff styling idea

                                                   Even more fun with complementary pieces to really jazz it up!

assortment of cuffs and bangles


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