5 Ways to Wear Turquoise this Fall/Winter

Turquoise should not be a summer only colour. Agree or disagree? How many ladies love to wear turquoise all year round? At Indiverve, we think its a definite do! The key to wearing turquoise in the fall is to pair it with dark colours. Or break all rules and wear it with light colours, normally meant for the summer. We love turquoise on jewelry so we’ll focus on how to wear it with clothing and colours you probably already have in your closet.  Try the following alluring colour combinations.

1) Turquoise and Pink

The turquoise pieces in this necklace really pop against a light pink top.

turquoise with light pink

Poncho Top in Sheer Pink http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/sheer-poncho-top-in-blush-pink

Beads and Charms Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/beads-charms-necklace

2) Turquoise and Black

Wear a chunky statement necklace in a bright turquoise with a little black dress like Megan Fox. The combination looks very elegant!

turquoise necklace with black dress

Turquoise Circles Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/turquoise-circles-bone-beads-necklace

3) Turquoise and Denim 

Wear turquoise coloured jewelry with a casual denim jacket or with your favourite jeans and t shirt look.

denim and turquoise coloured earrings

Tribal Beaded Earrings http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/boho-beaded-earrings

4) Turquoise and White

A turquoise tribal necklace really pops when its worn with a white top.

white top with turquoise necklace

Chunky Turquoise Stone Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/collections_turquoise-treasures/products/chunky-turquoise-stone-necklace

Embellished Tunic Top http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/embellished-tunic-top

5) Turquoise and Copper

A top or dress in turquoise would look lovely with copper jewelry as the finishing touch.

turquoise with copper jewelry

Copper Chandelier Earrings http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/copper-pieces-chandelier-earrings

Which turquoise inspired look are you most likely to sport?


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Indiverve offers a variety of vibrant products ranging from trendy clothing and accessories, alluring jewelry, and eclectic home decor- all with an ethnic flair. Keeping the idea of modern femininity in mind, we strive to uncover some of India’s hidden gems for the shopper to enjoy. Indiverve was founded in 2011 by a small group of entrepreneurial minded people. We strive to embody the values of a social enterprise and are proud of the fact that we offer luxurious and contemporary, yet affordable products purely made in India. View all posts by Indiverve

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