Tuesday Inspiration

When You Want Something You've Never Had,You Have To Do Something You've Never DoneHow many of us can relate to today’s inspirational quote? Trying something new can be a big challenge, but it can also be a rewarding one if the results get you to where you want to be. Similarly, taking the plunge into the unknown and moving out of our comfort zone can be more than a little stressful at first. Starting a new job or career, starting a business, living in a foreign country, or even fighting for something important are all examples of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Questioning yourself over and over again and wondering if you’re making the best decision is often the hardest part of all.

But if you really stop and think about it, what’s the very worst that can happen when trying something you’ve never done? At worst, you’ll realize that whatever you’re doing isn’t working and you simply try something else. Sometimes it is better than going back to what you’ve done before. At best, you’ll have discovered a hidden talent, passion, or place that just seems to fit and makes sense to you. Either way, when you look back to the time you tried something new, you’ll have no regrets. At least you had the courage to try and change your current situation.


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2 responses to “Tuesday Inspiration

  • instillari

    Very true. I think we are afraid of the unknown because it requires a big risk. It means we must surrender our pride and admit we can fail. It could embarrass us, damage us, or make us look inferior. But on the other hand it could turn out well and be something that positively changes us. We just need to let go of our emotions sometimes and take a leap at something greater.

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