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Indiverve’s Vancouver Fashion Week Debut

Check out our cat walk debut filmed by Vancouver Fashion Week TV from start to finish on YouTube.

Our debut at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 was officially a success! We met several local and international designers, media, new customers and friends as well as a few celebrities thrown in the mix! The adrenaline pumping excitement and thrill of being backstage and part of the show made us blissfully excited for future fashion events to follow.

Having a first-hand experience from carefully selecting our 16 runway looks complete with Indiverve jewelry, hair and make-up to being showcased as a vendor, to rehearsing and being backstage watching our models trot down the runway in our designs was positively satisfying. Working with the Vancouver Fashion Week team was a pleasure and we were very impressed with how well everything came together in the end. What a genuinely inspiring experience for our small team. We can’t wait for what the future holds for Indiverve. We truly feel we’re a part of the local Vancouver fashion community.


Top Five Highlights From New York and London Fashion Week

For those who haven’t been following us closely within the last couple of months (as this has essentially been all we have been talking about), Vancouver Fashion Week will commencing tomorrow at the Chinese Cultural Centre ( located at 50 East Pender – only a couple of blocks away from our pop-up boutique at 88-1081 West Pender). We will be at the event every day, from the 16th until the 21st but our collection will be debuting this Thursday, the 19th, in front of all of the avid fashion fanatics in Vancouver.

With  photos, videos, and interviews from New York and London Fashion Week (one of the world’s most documented and celebrated fashion events) to rev us up and get us even more excited for the upcoming week, we have selected five of our chosen highlights. Let’s celebrate the extraordinary fashion week that has just passed and anticipate the week to come

1) Richard Chai

2) Holly Fulton

3) Prabal Gurung

4) Rag & Bone

5) Alexander Wang

Look We Love: Parisian Bohemian Flapper


(Dress: Indiverve “Beaded Fringe Dress” – $99.00, Earrings: Indiverve “Peacock Earrings” – $10.00, Ring: Indiverve “Jade Cross Ring”- $18.00, Shoes: Coco Punkz, Clutch “Telia” -$80.00: Jola V Designs)

History has always had an incredible influence on what the fashions, on the runways as well as on the street. The political, economic, geographic and social characteristics of an era are what defines the attitudes as well as clothing choices of a particular culture, city, country, or era.

The powerful, rebellious, and surrealistic 1920s have held a strong fascination with the art and fashion world for many years and references to the era have become increasingly prevalent in popular culture, with movies such as “The Great Gatsby” (the fifth film adaptation of the classically tragic novel written by Scott Fitzgerald in the early 1920s) and the critically acclaimed, silent black and white film, “The Artist” influencing the collections of designers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Our black beaded fringe dress is very much reminiscent of the short, extravagant flapper dresses that dominated the era and so we decided to create our own outfit inspired by the roaring twenties, but with an earthy, bohemian twist that is true to the Indiverve brand. We also decided to pay a little bit of tribute to other local, Vancouver-based designers such as this recycled fur clutch by Jola V Designs, and these custom-painted shoes by B.C brand “Cocopunkz”.  There are countless ways to wear this dress that would completely alter its look and feel. We encourage all of you to tell us what you would wear with our Beaded Fringe Dress!