Friday Favorites: Gratitude

In light of last week’s Thanksgiving festivities, we at Indiverve realize that we have a great deal to be thankful for. We live in an incredibly beautiful place, have wonderful friends and family and are truly and deeply passionate about what we do. We are really a group of truly lucky people. So in the spirit of all of this gratitude, we have selected five of our favorite things/people/places/etc. that we have come across this week that we are grateful for and would like to share with all of our lovely followers (who we are also ever so grateful for!).

1. New Friends and Collaborations


The last few months have been crazy busy for us in many different ways. In August we opened up our pop-up boutique on 88 West Pender and in September we debuted our first collection to Vancouver’s most avid fashionistas and prominent industry professionals at Vancouver Fashion Week. The journey thus far has been incredible and the very best aspect of all of this has been the incredible people that we have met and been introduced to. We recently did a contest collaboration with Luana Gabriella of Forever Boho (one of our very favorite fashion blogs) and that was a ton of fun. Creative and energetic, there is no doubt why Forever Boho is as engaging a blog as it is with Luana behind it. We have another contest coming up with a blog that we are absolutely obsessed with. The exact details will remain under wraps until the start date on Monday but it is something to get excited about! We are also currently in the process of planning an event in which we will be collaborating with several amazing local designers and businesses. There are too many wonderful people to list in this post but we do want to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people we have met, who have inspired us and who have took the time to work and collaborate with us. We love the local fashion/art community in Vancouver, are passionate about it and we hope all of you feel our gratitude!

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2. Eastside Flea Market in East Vancouver


The East Side Flea is a flea market that takes place in Vancouver a couple of times a month. It is currently taking place at the Wise Hall and Lounge located at 1882 Adanac Street. Various artists and designers participate at the flea market as vendors and the East Side Flea is also a great place to find fabulous second-hand treasures.  It is a ton of fun to go flea market scouring with a few friends and we encourage you to go this Saturday and leave a comment on what crazy, amazing, unique treasures you found after you go.

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3. DIY Tea

diy tea

We are majorly Tea-Addicted at Indiverve. Alicia, our Operations Manager, is particularly obsessed with tea and refuses to begin her day without a cup (green, black, rooibis, oolong, herbal – she loves it all). We are also avid Pinterest users (I am sure that many of us are familiar with being sucked into the Pinterest vortex and losing hours within what seems like minutes) and so we were beyond delighted when we came across this tea-making mini tutorial from Sugar for The Brain.  By mixing plain, loose-leaf teas (which you can buy in bulk at locations such as Murchies , Granville Island Tea Company, and Teafusion Wholesale with your choice of ingredients (think coconut, chocolate or caramel chips, nuts, dried fruit, edible dried flowers, vanilla seeds etc.) tea-grannies and tea-gents can create their own dream teas, either for themselves or to give away as gifts. It is incredibly creative as the sky is literally the limit when it comes to mix ins. The holidays are coming up in a couple of months and home-made teas would make very sweet gifts when prettily packaged. We love this.

Photo Credit | Sugar for The Brain

4.  Lovely, Old-School, Ultra-Personal Stationary 


We live in such a digital age that sometimes things can get a little bit impersonal. We choose to email and text instead of call and we Skype instead of meet with our loved ones face to face. Many of us have eschewed books in favor of e-readers, and there are some out there who order everything from their knickers to their groceries online. While this electronic accessibility is great for us modern day busy bees, sometimes it is nice to kick it old school and reach out to someone the old fashioned way – via an ultra-personal, handwritten, stamped, mailed at the post-office letter. Not only are there some absolutely gorgeous, unique cards and stationary companies out there, but most people are genuinely touched when they know that you threw efficiency out the window and took the time to mail them a personal card or invitation. It is a tangible way of telling someone thank you, that you love them, that you want them to come to your party on Saturday etc. and it is a surefire way of making your message stand out among a sea of impersonal emails. There are great for the workplace too. Email is efficient, but when saying thank you to an employer, mentor, colleague etc. a handwritten card will go a long way in articulating your appreciation. This week we encourage you to put down your laptop or smart phone for just a moment and write someone you love a handwritten card.

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5. Gastown Shop-Hop


Gastown Shop Hop is a fabulous shopping event where various boutiques and restaurants open their doors and offer complementary snacks, sips, and discounts to their customers. Some of our favorite places that will be participating include: Dream Boutique, John Fleuvog, Oak + Fort, The Greedy Pig, and Inner Space Yoga. Make sure to head down to Gastown in Vancouver, a place that is culturally rich and exciting on any given night but that will be especially so tonight.

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We hope that you enjoyed reading all of the things that we are grateful for this week and we encourage you to leave us a comment, telling us about the amazing places, products, people, ideas that you have come across this week!


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