Saturday Favorites: From Hats to Halloween

Friday favorites a day late. There was too much to get excited about this week! From relatively obscure foodie finds to photographic art that made us go “woah” and “aw” at the same time, this week was rife with sensory treasure finds.

1. Hive Mind Millinery


Photo Credit | Hive Mind Millinery

Dominique Hanke of Hive Mind Millinery is a woman of incredible talent. That is obvious to Vancouverites but it is only a matter of time before this woman is an internationally renowned designer. Hats add an element of class to any look, whether one’s topper is understated and chic or whimsical and crazy (some of these hats – particularly from Hive Mind’s latest collection that was launched on October 16th, would make Lady Gaga shriek with unadulterated fashion lust). We love a lot of Dominique’s hats but are particularly drawn to her Opium beret (pictured directly above) for its simplicity and very-now, vibrant splatters of neon.

2. Finch’s Tea and Coffee House



Photo Credit |

Finch’s Tea and Coffee house is one of those hidden gems in terms of hospitality, food, decor and ambiance. Everything about this place is pretty well perfection. It is also not a very well known cafe (although it should be) and while those who frequent Finch’s will gush about its antiquey atmosphere and divine gourmet food (the proscuitto, brie and pear on baguette is one of the location’s most popular dishes and for excellent reason), many people go about their lives without experiencing Finch’s hand-made beverages and unique dishes. And that is just too sad for us at Indiverve to stomach (pun 100% intended). We encourage you to go, ASAP, to their location at 353 West Pender. It would be a great place to go with a loved one or on a date. Ladies especially will be adore the beautiful atmosphere and decor. Intricately beautiful, we felt as though we had walked into a first-class room on the Titanic (pre-iceberg).

3. Van-City Halloween Parties



When you think about it, Halloween is a truly bizarre North American holiday. While we grew up being taught the dangers of taking anything from strangers (especially food), every 31st of October we eschew all rationality and fear and decide to dole out free candy to strange children (and the occasional adult. Don’t get us started on that.) and allow our children to go door to random door asking for free handouts, all the while dressed as ghouls, goblins and serial killers.  Many people who come from outside of North America are very  taken aback by the holiday and their confusion is completely justifiable. That being said, it is very easy to be seduced by Halloween and all of its spooky splendor. While some of us may like to stay in, lie low and watch scary movies – many of us love to let loose and party is up Halloween night. Whether you prefer your Halloween parties to be creepy or classy – there are a few shindigs taking place in VanCity that we are pretty excited about. And if there are any ladies out there who have their doubts about what to be this Halloween – our beaded fringed dress would be fabulous as a part of a 1920s flapper girl costume. Pair with long strands of beads, elbow length gloves, a bobbed wig and a faux-cigarette holder for a sassy costume reminiscent of the roaring Twenties.

Victoria Secret Halloween Party- October 26th

HUSH Magazine Presents “Thrilla” and Five Sixty – October 31st

Fright Nights at the PNE

Dunbar Haunted House

4. Creative, Artsy Mummies




Photo Credit | Bored Panda

Artist Queenie Liao, inspired by her infant son, created a series of photographic images with backgrounds made to represent her baby’s dreams. Using fabric, stuffed animals, and other miscellaneous materials to create fantasy filled settings for her sleeping son to pose. We love this because it is such a simple concept, yet is so creative, so beautiful and has such potential for being an eco-friendly art form being that Liao used random fabrics and objects (hello recycling). The love that she has for her son is so evident in each whimsical photo that even without the bright colours of her settings, even if these photos were black and white, they would still be heartwarming and beautiful.

5. Paul McCartney’s “NEW” Album



Photo Credit | Paul

Sir Paul McCartney is a legend. Since his iconic days as “the cute one” of The Beatles (with John Lennon being the “smart one”, Ringo Starr being the “funny one” and George Harrison deemed “the quiet one”), Paul has churned out some incredible songs, both with the Beatles, with The Wings and on his own (Here Today, Yesterday, Hey Jude, Maybe I’m Amazed, Live and Let Die – the list goes on and on). He is, in our opinion, one of the greatest songwriters of all time and so when we found out he was releasing another album and was collaborating with the producers of The Kings of Leon and Adele, we were delirious with excitement (Operations Manager Alicia bought the album at Starbucks on her way to our pop-up boutique as she literally could not contain her musical excitement). Queenie Eye, On My Way to Work, Alligator and title track New are some of our favorites. The album remains true to Paul’s Beatles-esque base and unique style but is made modern. It’s a refreshing mix of past and present. In love with this album. Watch for his Queenie Eye music video which contains cameos from A-listers such as Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Jude Law, and Sean Penn.


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