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A Collection of Unbound Wisteria | Giambattista Valli SS14

Paris fashion week is pretty much the most exciting week of our year and lives. Even more so (in our humble opinions) than New York, Milan and London does Paris fashion week bring the most revolutionary, inspiring and breath-taking couture pieces to the runway. The day that we are able to be present for one of these shows is the day we are going to drop to our knees and cry tears of pure fashion joy. From Chanel and Elie Saab to Giambattista Valli, the runways were rife with whimsy-filled collections reminiscent of Marie Antoinette in Versaille or classic fairy-tales such as Sleeping Beauty. Unadulterated luxury and femininity seemed to be the themes of the week. Ethereal laces and printed silks were adorned with iridescent sequins, hand-beading and trails of floral appliques. Though we are inspired by many of the collections that were shown, Giambattista Valli’s romantic and vividly hued collection was the stand-out for us. The soft feminine details were juxtoposed against solid bold colours (think lemon,  magenta and cobalt) and lines. Waist-lines were defined with sashes and strategic seams and curves were accentuated with full-skirts. The collection played full tribute to the beautiful nuances of the feminine form and yet very little skin was shown. High-necklines and long sleeves would balance out a shorter hem-line and alternatively, a strap-less bodice would be made more demure with a floor-sweeping gown. In an industry that is so often dominated by sex appeal and skin, it is always refreshing to see the feminine figure celebrated in a different, perhaps slightly nostalgic way. In a world where everything is so accessible, it is really so true that mystery and what one doesn’t see is so often more exciting that what you can see. This was a truly breath-taking collection and we have selected five of our favorite looks from the runway.












Photo Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue


A World of Stylists |Top 5 Polyvore Posts

So for those who are not aware of what Polyvore is, allow us to introduce you to this delightful gem of a website. Polyvore is a social media site that allows users to save and source images and create collages or outfits using the images that one saves and the products that one adds to their “closet”. Users are also able to peruse through others collages and like, comment, save and share. Essentially its the lovechild of Facebook and Pinterest and contains posts on everything from fashion and interior design to health tips and recipes.  We have selected (and will continue to select) our favorite Polyvore posts of the week. Ah the beauty of the internet – everyone can become/have their own virtual team of stylists/decorators/nutritionists.


This post, titled “An Early Evening in Venice” was created by our Operations Manager Alicia Arruda. The woman is a travel junkie and despite her love for Vancouver, wants nothing more than to travel the world for the rest of her life whether it be by plane, train, car, bus, ferry, fishing boat or canoe. What would Alicia wear in her ideal world while traipsing along the cobble-stoned streets of Venice? A pleated, floor-length Chanel maxi-dress , a Pamela Love onyx ring, sleek leather heels, a printed silk scarf (ideally from Indiverve) and a vintage chocolate brown leather jacket. It’s sleek and sultry but oh-so bohemian as one would expect from an Indiverve girl.


Another creation by Miss Arruda, this look reminds us of what a modern-day Audrey Hepburn would wear on a Parisian morning while walking along the Champs Elysee. How in love with this mushroom printed dress are we? Truly, madly, deeply just like Savage Garden would say.


Winter can be a majestic, mesmerizing season. Ice-skating, cozy beverages, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year – it is all grand and dandy. It can also be incredibly depressing, especially if you happen to reside in the beautiful but gloomily rainy Pacific North-West. These sorbet-like hues of mint green, apricot, lavender and powder-blue have us day-dreaming about sunnier days in Spring.


Did anyone make it out to the Eastside Flea in Vancouver today? If so, did you dress for the occasion with unusual vintage pieces? We loved this outfit that was put together by Elizabeth Nicole. The dainty femininity of the flowery ruffled top is balanced by the rustically distressed leather flats and cognac hobo. Paired with sleek, skinny blue jeans, a light-as-air cardigan and filigree earrings and we are sold. It’s quirky but very elegant.


When we saw this, we couldn’t believe how completely Vancouver it was. Everything from the distressed leather satchel and shapeless black dress to the potted plant and smoothie screams I live in Kits, do The Bar Method and run the Seawall three times a week and have a deep and thorough understanding of every neutral shade from taupe to charcoal. We are from Vancouver too though and can more than appreciate the understated elegance and sexiness of an all neutral, silhouette shunning ensemble.

Do you know of any Polyvore posts that you would like us to feature? Or better yet, have you created any gems yourself? Send them our way to and we will include your ideas with full credit.



Life in Technicolor | A Preview of Spring 2014

Canadian beauty Kate Bock absolutely blows us away in this spread for Glow Magazine’s March issue. We definitely don’t make a secret of the fact that we adore colour. Though we can appreciate delicate pastels and soft sorbets, the juicy hues of tangerine, cherry red, magenta and bright coral really have left us feeling energized, excited and more than ready for Spring time! We have selected a few Indiverve pieces that match the punchy exuberance of this spread and of the season to come. It seems that subtlety is not necessarily on the menu come Spring.





Tunic Dress in Abstract Print – $55.00

Floral Print Dress with Red Ruffles – $70.00

Embroidered Top in Tangerine – $95.00

Neon Bangle Bracelets – $12.00

Square Pink Cocktail Ring – $18.00


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A Series of Beauty | Photographic Inspiration

As people working in a creative industry, we are constantly bombarded with inspiration. Whether we search for it or it finds us, creativity is everywhere. This week we came across a few examples of photography that stunned us. Russian photographer, Elena Shumilova has recently showcased a series of photographs that she took of her young sons. Ethereally optimistic, each photo has a softness, a whimsy that is often rare in today’s pin-sharp digital world. We love the simple beauty and innocence of these photos.



animal-children-photography-elena-shumilova-2 (1)

Ernest Goh has turned his fascination with animals into a beautiful and often hilarious series of photos titled “Animalia”. His collection of photos featuring seemingly commonplace animals such as roosters and fish, this series is meant to draw attention and appreciation towards animals and the way they function, live their lives and interact with each other.







Colston Julian has created an intoxicatingly raw editorial for Harper’s Bazaar India, in collaboration with Krishna Mukhi. With Pallavi Singh donning couture that is at once contemporary and traditionally India, we couldn’t help but think of our own collection and our design inspiration. With all of our clothes and jewelry being created in India, we are constantly being inspired by this beautiful country and the creative artists who work there. The unadulterated richness of the fabrics and vividness of the colours perfectly complements the somewhat rough and rustic urbanity of the setting.








Are there any examples of inspiring photography that you have come across? Feel free to share and we will include it in our next photography post – with credit to you and your blog of course!



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Must Have Pieces for Your Winter Vacation

The showing of fashion collections is broken down into five different seasons instead of four. There is Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and then there’s “Cruise”. The presentation of “cruise-wear” is meant to accommodate those lucky ladies and lads out there who are able to forgo the shivery, slushy, snowy madness that is Winter and fast-forward straight into Spring/Summer with the help of a tropical plane ticket or cruise. Our debut collection was created to be a melting-pot of different countries, cultures, styles, trends and in-turn, seasons. Our collection of tunics, dresses, blouses and accessories are meant to be very versatile and as season-less as possible. From our own experience, busy women do not always have the time to adjust their wardrobe from occasion to occasion let alone from season to season. Our clothes are designed in such a way that they can be dressed down or up, or made Summer or Winter appropriate with a simple change of styling. That being said, we have selected five pieces that we know would absolutely stun on a cruise or on a tropical island. With bright, juicy colours and soft, light-weight fabrics, these pieces will keep you looking hot whether you are lounging poolside avec un pina colada or are traipsing barefoot along a Mediterranean beach. 

Embellished Tunic Top – Destination: Greece



Crafted out of light-as-air textured cotton, our hand-beaded, rope belted tunic evokes images of white sandy beaches and azure seas and will help you to look like a Grecian goddess.

Floral Print Dress with Red Ruffles – Destination: Italy


This little floral printed number is not only beautiful with a romantic, vintage inspired charm, but it is also ridiculously comfortable and ideal for long walks up the cobble-stoned streets of Italy.

Maxi-Dress in Animal Print – Destination: Bali



It seems that some delicate souls are scared to wear animal print (and with popular culture making feline inspired fabrics synonymous with cheesy night-clubs, heavily teased extensions and Jersey Shore, we can’t say that we blame them). Nonetheless, if the fabrics are of quality and the piece is beautifully cut, animal prints have a raw yet regal elegance that is timeless. Our animal print maxi-dress in frothy chiffon would be ideal for a luxurious dinner in Bali, immediately after getting your yoga on. 

Tunic Dress in Abstract Print – Destination: Morocco 


This tribal printed stunner is made using a cotton/polyester chiffon vibrantly dyed in a juicy palette of cherry red, tangerine, lemon, violet and pink. With it’s short length and mod silhouette, this little tunic-dress is ideal for shimmying the night away in Morocco. 

Embroidered “Kurta” Top in Turquoise – Destination: India



This turquoise tunic is inspired by the traditional Indian Kurta top. It’s loose shape is elegant and laid-back in a bohemian way. With this vibrant, head-turning shade of turquoise and luxurious, hand-done embroidery, this piece is ideal for India, a country rich in culture, colour, and design. 

Feel free to let us know your thoughts and if there are any pieces that we have missed!



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Trend Alert: Minimalism & Winter White with Harper’s Bazaar

While many of us have been busy recovering from the festivities of the past few weeks, physically, financially and emotionally, some of us are rearing to go, ready to thrust ourselves full throttle back into the fast-paced routine of work and life. Nonetheless, there are still those of us with our brains still pending, holiday treats in our mouths and tunes in our heads, who are not quite ready to spring back into high-speed action. It is for this reason that we so adore this starkly minimalistic editorial featuring Athena Wilson for Latin America’s January issues of Harper’s Bazaar. In a world so filled with stimulation and visual chaos, this editorial with it’s simple shapes, clean lines and pure, icy whites, is like a bucket of cool water being poured over our steaming, over-worked brains. Some of these pieces also remind us of a certain little white dress of ours… (below)


Indiverve Embellished Tunic Dress in White: $75.00

Publication: Harper’s Bazaar Latin America

Photographer: Manolo Campion

Model: Athena Wilson

Styled By: Nina Sterghiou

Make-Up: Aya Komatsu

Hair: Kenshin Asano







Photo Source | Fashion Gone Rogue

Let us know what you think of the editorial? Do you enjoy the sharp, almost clinical simplicity of the photos or is it not your cup of tea? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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