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Friday Favorites: Post Halloween Regroup

As per usual, this week we were fortunate to cross paths (in real life and virtually) with several photographers, designers and artists that captivated and inspired us. We also had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious dinner in an unexpected (but very popular – how had we not been there before?!) location. Being that yesterday was Halloween, we also took it upon ourselves to find the best candy shop in Vancouver in regards to selection, quality, customer service and overall charm and ambiance (we take our candy very, very seriously at Indiverve).

1. Lucas David Morgan Photography


Photo Credit | Lucas David Morgan 

We happened across Mr. Morgan’s fantastic photos on Twitter as a happy accident. We were immediately struck by the artistic composition of each of his photos. Some look so natural and yet so filled with fantasy and magic. Whether he is shooting an editorial or at an event, his photos are always captivating, interesting, and unusual. He doesn’t just go to an event and click away at his camera and record the event. He captures the spirit, ambiance and energy of the event.  We love this guy’s photos and we hope to see more of them!

2. Bitstrips


Photo Credit | Bloomberg Business Week

We don’t know about you, but for the most part we use social media for its most essential, root purpose. To communicate with each other, our friends and family, and our customers and potential customers. Games and other like-apps tend to annoy many people as they clog up ones news-feed and notifications list (as so-and-so invites us yet again to play “Candy Crush Saga” or “Kitchen Scramble”). That being said, we love Bitstrip for finding another creative way for us to communicate with those in our network.  Whether they are used as greeting cards, status updates, or are just created as a fun way to reach out to a friend – they appeal to our sense of nostalgia – who didn’t read comic books as a kid and who didn’t want to be their own comic-book character? No one. Bitstrips has also created a program to help stop bullying. Called the “Stop Bullying, Speak Up” Challenge, participants are encouraged to post inspirational comics meant to support bullying victims and encourage bullies and those who witness bullies to stop this social epidemic. Using humor and creativity to stop social injuctice! We are onboard!

3. Save on Meats


Photo Credit | SaveonMeats

Save-on-Meats, temporarily located at  No 1 Cordova, is a not-so-hidden Vancouver haven. Delicious, dirt-cheap food, large portions, and friendly staff are only a few of the reasons that this restaurant made our FF list.  Save-on-Meats also has a penchant for assisting those in need within the Vancouver community and has partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations, a couple being PLEA (assisting children and young adults who are facing/have faced hardships such as abuse and sexual exploitation) and Atira (assisting women who are dealing with/have dealt with domestic violence). Save-On-Meats diligantly supports and provides food for residents of Vancouver’s Downtown East side and is definitely a business that we support and will return to.

4. Coco & Vera


Photo Credit | Coco & Vera

Coco & Vera is a blog created and run by FASHION Canada Style Panel and StyleList Canada Style Council member Cee Fardoe. The blog was created in 2010 by Cee and her friend Rachel Goldman who sought to share their love for the art of apparel.  While Rachel has moved on to other pursuits, Cee now runs the blog from both Vancouver and Paris, France.  The blog is a stunning mixture of Cee’s elegant,  oh-so covetable personal style and her travel adventures. Cee is a jet-setter and since we have a strong-case of wander-lust, we love to live vicariously through her blog. We are also thrilled to say that Cee will be collaborating with us on an endeavor in the near future! For what you ask? Stay tuned.

5. Frankie’s Candy


Photo Credit | Frankie’s Candy Bar

Calling all candy-addicts! So as we mentioned before, Halloween is an absolutely bizarre holiday. Truly weird. Nonetheless, there are people in North America who go crazy for Halloween and take the holiday to the extreme. Though it is no longer October 31st, sugar-fiends can get their fix at Frankie’s Candy Bar at 5305 West Blvd. in Kerrisdale. Not only does this sweet little gem contain all of the commercial treats that we know and love, it also carries a wide assortment of gourmet, novelty,old-fashioned and imported British candies (the floral gums are our favorite). The staff are incredibly sweet and charming and the decor of the place is like that of an old-fashioned candy bar. A fun destination for kiddies and adults alike.


Which Threaded Necklace Do You Like Best?

checkered beaded necklace

Lovely black & white look featuring our Beaded Checkered Necklace

Threaded necklaces are very unique and versatile types of jewelry. They can be casual and fun or very glamorous depending on the look you’re striving for on a particular day. Threaded necklaces would definitely fall into the boho chic category mostly because they’re decorated with beads in natural materials. Our threaded necklaces are made from glass and wooden beads painted in stunning colours. Strong threads are then laced, by hand, and knotted amongst the beads creating a stylish woven look. We love the layered look of our threaded necklace collection. Each necklace has at least three layers of beads creating a unique statement look perfect for any occasion.

Simple to wear, these necklaces can bring a plain top to life!  Think good old trusty t-shirts or long sleeved shirts in neutral shades like white, black, grey or brown to keep the style effortless looking. Wear the necklace with jeans or to jazz up a little black dress ensemble. We particularly like the lime green hued necklace paired with a charcoal grey top or dress. These two colours look surprisingly delightful together!

Tell us, which threaded necklace is your favourite? Please vote below 🙂

1) Threaded Necklace in Lime Green

green glass beaded threaded necklace

2) Black and White Beaded Necklace
green glass beaded threaded necklace

3) Turquoise Threaded Necklaceturquoise glass threaded necklace

Jewelry Poll: Fuchsia Stone Cocktail Rings

We were busy unpacking our recent arrival of cocktail rings the other day and were happy to see that they were made in various styles. We love them all and can’t figure which ones will be the most popular! They all have a unique look to them and we found that not all fuchsia pink  patterns are alike on each stone. Some have a striped look to them, while others remained more of a solid colour. The exquisitely detailed silver etched border surrounding the stones stayed the same.

We can’t wait to have these beauties, as well as our other funky rings, on! For tips and advice on how to wear cocktail rings, check out our blog post “The Cocktail Ring: A Delightful Accessory.”

Tell us what you think. Take a minute to vote on the poll below and let us know which shape is your favourite out of a round, teardrop, or square shape?

pink cocktail rings

Set the Style

We’re very excited to launch our very first app called Set the StyleWe created the app because we want to get opinions on which products to bring to our online store. Set the Style features an assortment of potential products including belts, cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings- all waiting for your expert opinion.

By voting “love it” or “skip it” on the designs that catch your eye, you can earn points in the form of discounts for future use on our online store. All you need to start is a Facebook account and your fashion sense.

Check out, click on the first tile, and tell us what you think!

Set the Style

Necklace Poll- Which is Your Favourite?

We’ve recently placed our very first orders for the merchandise coming soon to our online store. Recently, we were sent some images of other available pieces of jewelry and in particular, necklaces. As usual, we need help deciding which ones we should order and get put into production.

We love the mixture of gold chains twisted with vibrant blue beads in the first image. The second necklace is a nice casual beaded piece in a neutral brown that would perk up any outfit in an instant. Third, we have a funky necklace with double stranded wooden brown and fuchsia beads for an earthy, boho look.  Finally, there’s the ultra glam multi stranded statement necklace in a deep and striking turquoise blue colour.

Please vote and tell us, which is your favourite?

new necklace poll