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New Year, New Website!

Bring on 2013!  As mentioned yesterday, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new and improved Indiverve e-store! Based on user behaviour from our previous website, we decided to add a bunch of cool new features including quick views, a hover cart, and a dynamic fluid design. The theme is a funky new change from the old one and exudes a sort of Pinterest-y feel to it. Its definitely very fresh and unique. We’re happy to have completed it on time for the New Year.

Won’t you please check it out?

indiverve logo


Set the Style

We’re very excited to launch our very first app called Set the StyleWe created the app because we want to get opinions on which products to bring to our online store. Set the Style features an assortment of potential products including belts, cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings- all waiting for your expert opinion.

By voting “love it” or “skip it” on the designs that catch your eye, you can earn points in the form of discounts for future use on our online store. All you need to start is a Facebook account and your fashion sense.

Check out, click on the first tile, and tell us what you think!

Set the Style

Earring Decisions- Which ones do you fancy?

Calling all fashionistas and jewelry lovers! We need your expert opinion on a few earring designs.

If you were the Buyer, which ones would you choose?

Please vote on our poll. We’d love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to comment below on any designs that you like.

gold hammered earrings

gold threaded flower earrings

silver threaded and beaded earrings

golden threaded beaded earrings