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Which Threaded Necklace Do You Like Best?

checkered beaded necklace

Lovely black & white look featuring our Beaded Checkered Necklace

Threaded necklaces are very unique and versatile types of jewelry. They can be casual and fun or very glamorous depending on the look you’re striving for on a particular day. Threaded necklaces would definitely fall into the boho chic category mostly because they’re decorated with beads in natural materials. Our threaded necklaces are made from glass and wooden beads painted in stunning colours. Strong threads are then laced, by hand, and knotted amongst the beads creating a stylish woven look. We love the layered look of our threaded necklace collection. Each necklace has at least three layers of beads creating a unique statement look perfect for any occasion.

Simple to wear, these necklaces can bring a plain top to life!  Think good old trusty t-shirts or long sleeved shirts in neutral shades like white, black, grey or brown to keep the style effortless looking. Wear the necklace with jeans or to jazz up a little black dress ensemble. We particularly like the lime green hued necklace paired with a charcoal grey top or dress. These two colours look surprisingly delightful together!

Tell us, which threaded necklace is your favourite? Please vote below 🙂

1) Threaded Necklace in Lime Green

green glass beaded threaded necklace

2) Black and White Beaded Necklace
green glass beaded threaded necklace

3) Turquoise Threaded Necklaceturquoise glass threaded necklace


Necklace Poll- Which is Your Favourite?

We’ve recently placed our very first orders for the merchandise coming soon to our online store. Recently, we were sent some images of other available pieces of jewelry and in particular, necklaces. As usual, we need help deciding which ones we should order and get put into production.

We love the mixture of gold chains twisted with vibrant blue beads in the first image. The second necklace is a nice casual beaded piece in a neutral brown that would perk up any outfit in an instant. Third, we have a funky necklace with double stranded wooden brown and fuchsia beads for an earthy, boho look.  Finally, there’s the ultra glam multi stranded statement necklace in a deep and striking turquoise blue colour.

Please vote and tell us, which is your favourite?

new necklace poll

Fashion Poll- The Neon Trend: Do or Don’t?

We’ve been seeing neon colours all over the place lately and although the trend seems a little controversial to some, reminding them of the 80’s and 90’s, it can be fun and can look very chic if worn subtly- just don’t wear it head to toe! Pairing it with neutral colours such as khaki, light blue, navy, white or brown can help tone it down. The neon look is all about having fun however you decide to incorporate it into your wardrobe. We especially love the look of turquoise and orange or red together!

Is the neon look your cup of tea or do you feel this trend should stay in the past?

neon fashion trend

The neon look from the runway

Jennifer Lopez neon dress

Jennifer Lopez rocks the neon look in this bright dress

Poll: Will You be Wearing 2012’s Colour of the Year?

Global colour authority Pantone has named Tangerine Tango to be the Colour of the Year for 2012. The alluring, bright reddish- orange shade is said to provide the much needed energy boost to move forward and re-charge, according to the Institute, which is a world renowned authority on colour, based out of New Jersey in the U.S.A.

Associated to sunsets, heat, fire and spices, the extremely versatile colour is said to be friendly, a little exotic, and a bit of an attention- grabber! Look for it on everything including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and home decor. Honeysuckle, a reddish-pink, was named last year’s colour of the year and is still popular and very much in fashion.

We’ll be writing a future blog post about Spring 2012’s Fashion Colour Report which includes some really pretty and feminine shades in yellow, light green, lilac, dark and sea- inspired blues, a bold pink, and subdued neutrals.

Please take a second to answer our poll question and tell us what you think! Will you be sporting Tangerine Tango this year?

beyonce wears tangerine tango

Beyonce looks amazing in 2012's colour of the year!

pantone tangerine tango 2012

Jewelry Poll: which turquoise blue necklace do you like best?

Living in a cold climate? Got the winter blues? This assortment of turquoise blue necklaces will inspire you to wear a fresh pop of colour as you dream of warmer seasons. There’s really only a few more months of winter to go (sigh)! The first necklace is all turquoise blue beads while the last three necklaces are mixed with silver. They’ll have you ready to take off to the Caribbean in no time 🙂

Tell us what you think. Which is your favourite?

strands and strands of braided beads make up this bold swag necklace

beaded swag style necklace

chunky turquoise beads and silver rings are a nice combination in this piece

chunky rings necklace

darker and lighter beads contrast with the silver pieces in this fringey necklace

fringy beaded necklace

silver chunky, detailed pendant necklace with turquoise and silver beads

pendant necklace