Our Story

Who We Are:

We are a group of free-thinking friends with different skills, opinions, cultures and backgrounds. In the summer of 2011, aspiring to challenge ourselves beyond our regular jobs, we decided to combine our love for fusion fashion with our background and expertise in technology to create Indiverve Retail Company Inc.

Indiverve is more than just a retail company, we are a social enterprise. We believe that our business is an excellent medium through which either directly or indirectly, we can address many social issues.

What We Offer:

Indiverve offers a variety of vibrant products designed in a perfect fusion of modern western fashion with hints of eastern Indian flair. Our collection includes trendy clothing and accessories, alluring jewelry and eclectic home décor in unique designs showcased by the multitude of colors, rich patterns, and embellishments unique to India. All of our ethically purchased and responsibly produced merchandise is purely made in India, an intriguing country which is close to our hearts.

Through our array of apps like Set the Style, Set the Price, and many more to come, we want to run our business in a democratic style by empowering our customers to provide feedback in every step of our retail process. Our ultimate aim is to create a fun and engaging shopping experience in the form of an interactive social bazaar.


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