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Avial- a Keralan Fusion Band

Avial is an Indian alternative rock band which formed in the southern state of Kerala, India in 2003. The band is named after a popular dish often eaten in the south which is made from a mixture of different vegetables. The band’s music is a fusion of Keralan folk music and alternative rock.  Their songs are purely sung in the Malayalam language.



Avial has invented its own flavour of music, which the band members refer to as “Alternative Malayali Rock.” It reflects the unique heritage of Kerala life. The band’s musical style has been complimented for outstanding instrumental play and brilliant singing and lyrics. Avial has performed in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and  Thiruvananthapuram, to name a few.

We really enjoy listening to Avial! Their eclectic sound is truly one of a kind. Listen to this exceptional song entitled “Nada Nada” and check out the video, which portrays a glimpse into a hardworking Keralan lifestyle.