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Bohemian Beauty: Five Beauty Ideas To Ring in The New Year

An effortlessly elegant look, adding a braid to an otherwise sleek up-do or strategically undone low bun, gives a laid back and beautiful easiness to your look. Simply create a braid or a couple braids and pin or wrap around your head like a hair band. If you are in a pinch for time, find a faux braid that matches the colour of your hair (can be found at most salons and drugstores).

Whether you prefer them to be sweet and subtle or bold with bright colours, patterns, decals and the works – a lady’s nails can be her most head-turning (and inexpensive) accessories. Try a fearless tribal print with clashing colours to really create a statement at your New Years parties. They look fabulous gripping a champagne flute.

Inspired by big-browed-beauties such as Lily Cole and Camilla Belle, nothing will frame your pretty peepers quite like a sculpted full set of eyebrows. When grooming your eyebrows remove only the stray hairs and leave the natural shape of your brows alone. Then fill in your brows with a pencil that is only slightly darker than your hair colour with slight, subtle strokes.

Nude lips are not only classic, they are low-maintenance. A gal need not worry about grievances such as lipstick on her teeth or a dulling pout that she needs to continuously reprint throughout the evening. Simply prep with a good, matte concealer, dust with translucent powder and apply your nude lipstick of choice. Blot and then reapply for extra lasting power. Nude lips go great with sultry smokey eyes or bold and brightly coloured eyeshadow.

The smudgy and mysterious smoky eye is a tried and true look and is always a sexy and glamorous look. That being said, when ringing in the New Year, we should all be shaking up our beauty routines. Try to create a smoky eye using complementing colours instead of classic charcoal and black. Create a sunset with warm shades or amber, peach and pink or an oceanic look with turquoise, cobalt and sea-foam green.

Are there any bohemian-inspired beauty looks that we have forgotten? Let us know in the comments and we will be sure to include some ideas within our next beauty post (with credit of course!). Happy New Years, have a wonderful time and be safe!



5 Ideas for Rocking the Braided Hair Trend

We love all the different kinds of boho inspired braided hairstyles that have been heating up the spring and summer. Effortless and chic, braids are such a fun way to add some interest to an every day wash and wear hairstyle. Here’s just a few ideas on some of the different ways braids can be incorporated into your ‘do as seen on some top celebrities and models:

1) Wrap a braid all the way around your head and fasten with bobby pins on one side.

2) Weave a small braid along the side part in long bangs, letting the rest of your hair down.

3) Braid your hair to one side letting loose pieces fall on both sides.

4) Add small, loose plaits in random sections of hair, wearing the rest down and loose.

5) Braid a piece of bright fabric throughout an up -do for an instant funky, tribal look.

boho braid ideas

Do you have anymore fun braided hair do ideas?