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4 Celebrity Boho Looks We Adore

Today, we bring to you a post on celebrity bohemian style that we cannot get enough of and absolutely adore! These ladies know how to work the boho trend and we look to them for some mega style inspiration. Although we love Nicole Richie aka. the queen of boho style, we will not be including her in this post. You can read an older post on her ultra hip style here. The ladies we’re featuring tend to regularly rock the boho look and we’re impressed at how well they express their own personal style- something that’s easy to do when you add pattern, chunky jewelry, and lots of bold colour to your look!

1) Rachel Zoe

Stylist, Rachel Zoe, was a pioneer of boho style, her go-to look being oversized jewelry and loose-fitting clothing. We love that she’s sporting sequins, a bangle, and a chunky cocktail ring in the below image:

Rachel Zoe

From the Rachel Zoe Project

2) Jessica Biel

The naturally beautiful Jessica Biel usually goes for ultra feminine and flowy styles, which we adore. She knows how to effortlessly pull off a casual, bohemian look. We heart her in this Glamour UK jewelry and make-up look, below:

Jessica Biel in chunky jewelry and blue eyeshadow

Jessica Biel in chunky jewelry and blue eyeshadow

3) Heidi Klum

We didn’t realize how often Miss Klum actually goes boho! Whether she’s casually stepping out or attending an A-list event, she often plays with pattern and accessories looking nothing but totally chic! We love her colourful scarf, below, it reminds us of our own scarf collection!

Heidi Klum drapes a patterned scarf over her outfit

Heidi Klum drapes a patterned scarf over her outfit

4) Kate Bosworth

Famous for her California boho style, Kate Bosworth is a major summer music festival attendee making her a huge influence on casual, flower child- like fashion. She’s also great at pulling off a more sophisticated look, when the time calls for it. She looked fantastic in this look, below, for Nylon magazine.

Kate Bosworth for Nylon magazine

Kate Bosworth for Nylon magazine

Which celebrity’s bohemian style do you most admire?


Emerald Green for 2013

Spring 2013’s colours, named by Pantone, feature some lovely cheery and soothing colours. Expect to see lots of blues and greens, flirty soft pink and lilac, nectarine (which is a little softer than last year’s tangerine tango), and bright poppy red. Bright colours haven’t gone anywhere yet within the fashion world. While almost any shade of green is hot right now, emerald green has been named the colour for 2013.

emerald green pantone

Green promotes harmony and balance which is useful for all of us with our busy daily lives. The best thing about green is that it complements pretty much every complexion from blonde to brunette to red heads. A versatile colour, emerald green will be popular going into the fall and winter season as well. The jewel tone is a sophisticated and classic colour with a certain richness and royalty to it. Wear it as clothing, or accessories to stay trendy while playing with a pop of colour. 

Below, find some of our favourite green jewelry for 2013.

hunky green and gold bangle

green glass beaded threaded necklace

emerald green beaded earrings

Find these pieces and more online at http://store.indiverve.com/

1. Chunky Bangle in Green and Gold, $13

2. Threaded Necklace in Lime Green, $16,

3. Flower Beaded Earrings in Emerald Green, $8

Boho Style: Looks We Adore

Boho Style

What comes to mind when you think of bohemian style? For us, its all about ethnic, floral, geometric, psychedelic, and paisley prints. Natural materials, embroidery, beading, fringe,  ruffles, vintage, 60′ s and 70’s style, lace, and leather are several more words that come to mind when thinking about what elements are associated to bohemian style.

Celebrity Influence

Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller do the hippie chic look very well. These two fashionable ladies helped popularize and revive this trend during the mid 2000’s and beyond. They both favour wearing anything loose and flowy and creating one of a kind styles by adding accessories that are full of expression.

Eclectic & Alluring Fashion

One of the reasons we love the boho look so much is because its such a great way to express one’s own individuality and taste. Eclectic and alluring, boho style is such a refreshing contradiction to the plain and simple fashion we’re used to seeing every day. Adding touches of bohemian inspired items to a simple look can pep it up instantly and reveal an interesting and enviable look.

embroidered kurta top in chocolate

gorgeous white embroidery really makes this boho style tunic top pop

floral print flowy tunic dress

floral print flowy tunic dress with unique 70’s style black and pink ombre print

paisley leaf pendant in silver

paisley is the epitome of bohemian style

wooden leaf earrings

wooden jewelry is a popular material favoured by boho fashionistas

All of these clothing and jewelry items are available at our bohemian friendly e-store. Just click on the links below to shop them. By the way, we came up with the name Indiverve because Indi- stands for “indie” or “independent” and it also makes reference to India, a dynamic and influential country close to our hearts. Verve signifies “energy” and “enthusiasm” which is what we strive for in our day to day activities. To read more about us and why we started this Vancouver, Canada based company, click here.

1) Embroidered Top in Chocolate: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/embroidered-kurta-top-in-chocolate

2) Tunic Dress in Floral Print: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_dresses/products/floral-print-tunic-dress-pink

3) Paisley Leaf Pendant Necklace: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/paisley-leaf-pendant-necklace

4) Wooden Leaf Earrings: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/wooden-leaf-earrings

Clothing Sneak Peek

Our clothing collection features a lot of bright colours, 30’s and 70’s inspired floral prints, embroidery and embellishments all in loose, flowy and super comfortable fabrics. Its very exciting to receive our clothing with our very own tags attached complete with the logo we worked on for months and months! Although there is still a lot of work to be done, we’re finally starting to reach our goals and all the hard work our small team has put into Indiverve Retail Company Inc. is starting to pay off. There is definitely a bright light emerging at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the clothing soon to be available at Indiverve.com. 

first top being packed

                                          One of our tunic tops being packed at the manufacturer’s in New Delhi, India.

pink ombre floral print tunic dress

                                 One of the first dresses we unpacked and then preceded to Instagram it in excitement!

black and white print dress                                                                               Re-packing one of  our dresses.

Colours, Patterns and Embellishments

We love the unique designs showcased by the multitude of colors, rich patterns, and embellishments which are popular and commonly found in India. For more images of what inspires us, check out our board on Pinterest entitled “Our Inspiration“. Here are just a few ideas that influence our designs:

1) Paisley– The intricate design has long been used in India and resembles the shape of a mango. Popularity of the paisley design grew in the late 1960’s when the Beatles made their way to India and became associated to psychedelic style shortly after.

paisley design

                                                                                                          paisley design

2) Embroidery– The art and handicraft of decorating fabric with thread or yarn, embroidery has been popular in many different countries around the world. It can also be made from other materials such as sequins and beads and placed on clothing, scarves, blankets, and hats to name a few. India is a country known to have some of the most amazing traditional hand embroidery.

indian embroidery

golden threaded embroidery

3) Beading– Used as a form of adornment, beading has existed for thousands of years as evidenced through archaeological records. The variety of beading is endless thanks to the difference in colours, sizes, and materials available. We love it as jewelry and as an embellishment on clothing.


                                                                                              an assortment of bright beads

4) Colour– People have a love of bright and vibrant colours in India. From festivals to Bollywood, there is an interesting symbolic meaning of colour. Bright colours have made a recent come back in fashion, one example being the popularity of neon hues found in clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

bright fabric

fabric in bright and bold colours

5) Patterns– From animal prints, to graphic prints, floral prints and stripes, patterns are popular in a big way this year. We love the look of paisley and lady-like floral and funky geometric prints. Lace is another look we really like and it will inspire some of our clothing and scarves.

animal print

 popular animal prints

Bright and Bold in Neon

Neon is back! As seen everywhere, especially as the weather warms up and we’re all eager to get into our summer gear and brighten up. The good news is the neon trend doesn’t have to remind you of the 80’s and can be worn in a much more fresh and sophisticated way. For some runway inspiration, read this post. Tangerine tango, a vibrant orange hue has been named by Pantone as colour of the year. Have you worn this colour yet? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts on it. Read on for more ideas and a few ultra colourful pieces of jewelry we’ll be carrying.

orange and red beaded necklace

                                                            Vibrant bright orange and candy apple red beaded necklace.

neon bangles

                   Bangle set in pops of orange and pink with hints of green, blue and gold. So much fun to mix and match!

fuchsia pink stone cocktail ring

                    Fuchsia pink stone cocktail ring with silver etched details- a sure way to start a conversation!

orange wooden chunky bangle

                                Wear the neon trend around your wrist with this chunky orange and gold wooden bangle.

These bright pieces would look best matched with muted colours like black, white, a black and white mix, or nude, which is also very popular right now. Another bright idea is experimenting with your make-up shades, especially on your lips. Lipsticks in shades like fuchsia, hot pink, orange, and cherry red are guaranteed to put you in a happy mood!

neon lipstick trend

                                                          Try neon lips this season! (courtesy of Glamour.com)

What ways have you incorporated neon into your look?

Necklace Poll- Which is Your Favourite?

We’ve recently placed our very first orders for the merchandise coming soon to our online store. Recently, we were sent some images of other available pieces of jewelry and in particular, necklaces. As usual, we need help deciding which ones we should order and get put into production.

We love the mixture of gold chains twisted with vibrant blue beads in the first image. The second necklace is a nice casual beaded piece in a neutral brown that would perk up any outfit in an instant. Third, we have a funky necklace with double stranded wooden brown and fuchsia beads for an earthy, boho look.  Finally, there’s the ultra glam multi stranded statement necklace in a deep and striking turquoise blue colour.

Please vote and tell us, which is your favourite?

new necklace poll