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Tribal Cuffs and a Holiday Discount

Pssst! For any fashionista reading this blog post, we’re offering a special holiday discount on any of these four tribal inspired cuffs! Exquisitely handcrafted in floral, vine, and abstract designs in shiny silver, copper, and gold colours, these beauties are the ultimate boho style bracelets for the upcoming festive season. Think Christmas office parties, dinner parties with friends, and of course New Year’s Eve. What better way accessorize a little black dress? 

tribal cuff bracelets

And now for the actual discount code. Please use tribalcuff30 for a 30% discount on any one of the above pictured cuffs. You can find all of them online at http://store.indiverve.com/ 

Choose from our Tribal Diamond Cuff, Silver Embossed Cuff, Copper Hints Cuff and Flower Etched Cuff. Don’t forget to tell your friends or anyone else who appreciates this eye catching tribal glam style 🙂 All items shipped, with love, from Vancouver, Canada.


Indiverve Retail Company Inc. is Taking Part in Canada’s Small Business Saturday!


Canada’s Small Business Saturday

Indiverve Retail Company Inc. is very excited to be part of the first Canada’s Small Business Saturday, where shopping local makes a huge  difference. Check out our deal!

“Thousands of hard-working small business owners and savvy consumers have signed up for Canada’s Small Business Saturday, but this important initiative has also generated strong support on Parliament Hill, as well as in city halls and provincial legislatures all across our great country. Mayors, Premiers, and Prime Minister, Stephen Harper say that if we all shop small, it can make a big difference.”

Small businesses are crucial to Canada’s economic success. Small business entrepreneurs are powering our economy through innovation, job creation and new, exciting ideas. Canada would not be the same without our small business owners. Our economic success depends on them. Shopping at a small business is a special experience – you cannot get it at a big-box store. Many products are unique and impossible to find anywhere else. Small business owners are reputable and know their products intimately. Small businesses matter to our economy, to our communities, and to our friends and neighbours.

Today, October 20th is Canada’s Small Business Saturday.  Join with thousands of Canadians who are committing to shop small and keeping our communities vibrant and strong!

Source: https://www.shopsmallbiz.ca/

Our E-Store Has Launched!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our e-store! We’ve worked very hard over the past year and completed almost all of the set-up using our own skills, with very little outside help. We’ve learned so much during the start-up process and have gained invaluable insights along the way. After many sleepless nights and many ups and downs, highs and lows, we’re so relieved to have our store up and running!

We have many more ideas and goals for the future with our company, Indiverve Retail Company Inc! We’d like to thank those who have stood by and supported us along the way. Your encouragement was very much appreciated during the tough, and sometimes frustrating, times. For us, its the beginning of a new chapter!

Please stop by our store and tell us what you think! store.indiverve.com We are located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and are delighted to call this fantastic city home. Our team consists of people originally from India and from Saskatchewan, Canada- a very diverse team full of different insights!

Now, an inspirational quote which we find very fitting to how we’re feeling at the moment!

Cheers! XOXO