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Runway Looks That Inspire Us

We have so much that inspires us that we could write dozens of posts about all of it. Thank goodness for Pinterest so we can easily share images and find inspiration from others around the world wide web. Below, is a little collection of some of the images that have caught our eye. All of them feature something exquisite whether it be rich embroidery, lovely patterns, creatively placed embellishments, or striking colour combinations. They all help get our creative juices flowing!

india fashion                                                                                           from blog.hippiecouture.com

london fashion week

                                                                   from London Fashion Week. Image: glamourexclusive.com

berlin fashion week embroidery

                                                                 from Berlin Fashion Week. Image: vanessajackman.blogspot.com

bangalore fashion week    from Bangalore Fashion Week. Image courtesy of timesofindia.com

Check out our entire board at: http://pinterest.com/indiverve/fashion-weeks/

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Which is your favourite runway look?


A Fashion Quote from Coco Chanel

chanel quote

Coco Chanel, famous French designer, was one of the most important influences of  fashion design. Known for her modern and practical designs, she is credited for the concept of the little black dress during the 1920’s. Her early collections were full of beading and embroidery. She also popularized the wearing of costume  jewelry and stated “It’s disgusting to walk around with millions around the neck because one happens to be rich. I only like fake jewelry…because it’s provocative.”

coco chanel vintage pic

Coco Chanel

chanel little black dress 1926

Early Chanel little black dress from 1920’s