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A Snapshot of 2012

At Indiverve Retail Company, we’re looking forward to 2013 and all the challenges it will bring. There’s so many goals we hope to accomplish within our small team. We’re getting ready to launch our new, updated website which will have a fresh and interesting look and feel to it. We also hope to get to know more bloggers who are involved not only in fashion but also food, charities, music, and travel in Vancouver as well as everywhere around the world!

We hope everyone has a happy and prosperous year filled with exciting new experiences and never ending growth. We hope to achieve all of our resolutions- both personal and professional- no matter how big or small. Here’s to 2013, a new and exciting year for all. We think it’ll be filled with nothing but awesomeness!

Now, a snapshot of our past year of blogging featuring some of our very favourite and most popular posts.

We’re glad you enjoyed our Indian style recipes and hope you learned something new!

In India, chai is usually served in small glass cups

samosa filling


Celebs like Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson inspired our love of boho chic style all year long.

nicole richie photo shootrachel bilson hairstyle and scarf


Scarves, one of staple items, received a lot of views. We featured a post on the different ways you can wear them, which was popular for 2012.

pink lace scarf

scarf as dress

Two scarves worn as a tube top and a skirt

                                     Fusion music from musicians like Avial and Prem Joshua kept us inspired all year long.


prem joshua


                    Of course, launching our e-store was a big deal for us as we had worked hard on it for months!

maxi dress in grey with metallic accessoriestibetan style pendant


                                                        Our post on cocktail rings was one of our most loved.

pink cocktail rings


We enjoyed posting about our unique styles of little black dresses and will definitely keep ’em coming in the future.

tunic dress in blacklittle black dress with sleeves


We adore inspirational quotes on anything from fashion to inner beauty and helping others. We’ll keep posting them for you to stay inspired all year long.

inspirational quoteThis blog has helped us share our ideas, inspirations, our love of fusion fashion, and our ultimate goal of helping you discover some of the wonderful things that India has to offer. 

Cheers from all of us at Indiverve Retail Company Inc!




Avial- a Keralan Fusion Band

Avial is an Indian alternative rock band which formed in the southern state of Kerala, India in 2003. The band is named after a popular dish often eaten in the south which is made from a mixture of different vegetables. The band’s music is a fusion of Keralan folk music and alternative rock.  Their songs are purely sung in the Malayalam language.



Avial has invented its own flavour of music, which the band members refer to as “Alternative Malayali Rock.” It reflects the unique heritage of Kerala life. The band’s musical style has been complimented for outstanding instrumental play and brilliant singing and lyrics. Avial has performed in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and  Thiruvananthapuram, to name a few.

We really enjoy listening to Avial! Their eclectic sound is truly one of a kind. Listen to this exceptional song entitled “Nada Nada” and check out the video, which portrays a glimpse into a hardworking Keralan lifestyle.


Prem Joshua- “Dakini”

prem joshua

Today we feature an incredible song from Prem Joshua, multi-instrumentalist and composer, a pioneer of world fusion music. Born in Germany, Joshua began learning the flute at a young age. As a teenager he performed in various rock, jazz and fusion bands as a flute and saxophone player, always searching for new ways of expanding his music.

A musical discontent, combined with his search for the spiritual, pulled him towards India where he became immensely interested in the culture and music found in the country. He traveled extensively throughout Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In each place he became deeply involved with the indigenous folk music he found there. He learned from and played with local musicians along the way.

Prem Joshua has released 14 albums to date and has played on several studio recordings. He has traveled the world many times and plays to an increasing number of music lovers, inspiring them with a musical message that reaches beyond the borders of tradition, politics, religion and belief. He is the number one selling world music artist in India.

The song “Dakini” is just over thirteen minutes long but every second of it is profoundly peaceful, inspiring, and soothing to the ears.

What’s your favourite Prem Joshua song?

Nitin Sawhney- “Nadia”

nitin sawhneyNitin Sawhney is an Indian- British musician, producer and composer. His sound combines Asian and other worldwide influences with elements of electronica and jazz and often explores themes such as multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. Sawhney is also active in the promotion of arts and cultural matters and has done collaboration work with Sting, Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Taio Cruz, Imogen Heap, Anoushka Shankar and many others. Read and learn more about him and his music here.

Listen to “Nadia”, below, just one outstanding track of Nitin Sawhney to turn up and enjoy!

Which Nitin Sawhney track do you recommend?

Coke Studio- “Balaman”

On its website’s introduction page, Coke Studio eloquently states, “Coca-Cola believes that music can bridge barriers, celebrate diversity and bring out something greater than the sum of its parts.” At Indiverve, we absolutely agree with this statement! It delights us that something like Coke Studio exists and that it does such a fantastic job of showcasing some amazing talent. As mentioned in a previous post on Coke Studio, it doesn’t matter if you can’t speak or understand the language of the lyrics because its all about the melody of the song and its about the voices, instruments, and how it carries you away as you listen.

Check out this collaboration from season one called “Balaman” by Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh, yet another beautifully composed fusion song. Put it on repeat and enjoy every second!

Coke Studio Inspires Indiverve

Coke Studio is a very popular music program in Asia and is a brand product of Coca-Cola. It is a television series featuring live music performances focusing on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan and India, including eastern classical, folk, and contemporary popular music. The show basically provides a platform for both well-known as well as upcoming and less mainstream artists, from various genres and regions, to collaborate musically in live studio recording sessions. Coke Studio is adapted from the Brazilian version “Estudio Coca-Cola.” Thanks to YouTube, Coke Studio Pakistan and India are reaching people all around the world and this is a great thing. Many of the songs have more than a million views!

How often have you travelled to a foreign place and heard music so beautiful and unique and even though you could not understand the language, you immediately felt connected to it? You could relate to it and the melody carried you away? That’s Coke Studio. I don’t understand a word, but I love listening to it. Something about the music inspires me and I become aware that there is some fantastic music out there that I’ve been missing out on for years.  I hope you’ll take some time out of your day and listen to some of the videos we post. You’ll love it!

Josh, featured in this video, is a Montreal- based, Indian/ Pakistani fusion band