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Indiverve Summer Sale!

summer sale

How has your summer been? Ours has been fabulous, thanks! We’ve been blessed with outstanding weather which means more beach time than usual. Vancouver’s surrounded  with some stunning naturally beautiful landscape. Not to brag too much, but our city in the summer is about as good as it gets! Ahhh…

More good news- we’re having a huge summer sale on all of our clothing, jewelry and accessories! This includes all of our bohemian style dresses, tunic tops, statement  jewelry, and our pure leather and beaded belt collection. You won’t find anything over $70. The sale is on now until August 2nd so tell your friends and scoop up your favourite pieces while the prices are hot! All sale items are available online at store.indiverve.com and there’s no code needed at check-out.  Happy shopping!





Indiverve X Forever Boho Jewelry Giveaway!

To continue celebrating our big debut at Vancouver Fashion Week we’ve teamed up with lovely boho blogger, Luana Gabriella from Forever Boho, for a fantastic giveaway! Jump on over to her blog for all the rules and for your chance to win some of our favourite bold and beaded jewelry. Its easy peasy to enter and Luana will announce the winner on Monday, October 14th! Get your entries in today 🙂


boho jewelry contest

Boho Style: Looks We Adore

Boho Style

What comes to mind when you think of bohemian style? For us, its all about ethnic, floral, geometric, psychedelic, and paisley prints. Natural materials, embroidery, beading, fringe,  ruffles, vintage, 60′ s and 70’s style, lace, and leather are several more words that come to mind when thinking about what elements are associated to bohemian style.

Celebrity Influence

Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller do the hippie chic look very well. These two fashionable ladies helped popularize and revive this trend during the mid 2000’s and beyond. They both favour wearing anything loose and flowy and creating one of a kind styles by adding accessories that are full of expression.

Eclectic & Alluring Fashion

One of the reasons we love the boho look so much is because its such a great way to express one’s own individuality and taste. Eclectic and alluring, boho style is such a refreshing contradiction to the plain and simple fashion we’re used to seeing every day. Adding touches of bohemian inspired items to a simple look can pep it up instantly and reveal an interesting and enviable look.

embroidered kurta top in chocolate

gorgeous white embroidery really makes this boho style tunic top pop

floral print flowy tunic dress

floral print flowy tunic dress with unique 70’s style black and pink ombre print

paisley leaf pendant in silver

paisley is the epitome of bohemian style

wooden leaf earrings

wooden jewelry is a popular material favoured by boho fashionistas

All of these clothing and jewelry items are available at our bohemian friendly e-store. Just click on the links below to shop them. By the way, we came up with the name Indiverve because Indi- stands for “indie” or “independent” and it also makes reference to India, a dynamic and influential country close to our hearts. Verve signifies “energy” and “enthusiasm” which is what we strive for in our day to day activities. To read more about us and why we started this Vancouver, Canada based company, click here.

1) Embroidered Top in Chocolate: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/embroidered-kurta-top-in-chocolate

2) Tunic Dress in Floral Print: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_dresses/products/floral-print-tunic-dress-pink

3) Paisley Leaf Pendant Necklace: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/paisley-leaf-pendant-necklace

4) Wooden Leaf Earrings: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/wooden-leaf-earrings

How to Get Boho Waves

Messy and loose boho style waves can look really chic for an every day look at the office or for a big event. Casual and effortless looking, this hairstyle works best on naturally wavy hair. Straight haired girls can achieve a similar look by using a small barrel curling iron and curling small sections of hair. Here, we focus on skipping the curling iron altogether and instead using bobby pins, patience and some good hair twisting skills. Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Alexa Chung and Kate Hudson all provide inspiration of how to do pull off this enviable hairstyle.

Follow the steps to get the look:

1. Apply some type of styling product to damp hair. Texturizing cream or mousse works best for this particular style.

2. Separate hair into 1 inch sections and twist them from roots to ends. Secure pieces with bobby pins.

3. Dry your hair thoroughly by letting it naturally air dry or if you ‘re in a hurry, with the blast of a blow dryer.

4. Remove each bobby pin and let the twists of hair loose. Do not brush them out.

5. Gently shake your hair out and spray your head with light to medium hold hairspray.

Voila! You’re done. Now go get ’em!

For tips on how to get long, shiny and healthy looking hair, try the popular Indian beauty tip of using hair oil regularly. It really makes a huge difference!

boho waves

These lovely ladies all do the boho waves look very well! Tres chic.

Nicole Richie- Bohemian Fashion Inspiration

Nicole Richie’s style has evolved a lot over the years. We love how she rocks the boho glam/ haute hippie look so well. Known for sporting maxi dresses, funky chunky jewelry, and loose braided hairstyles, she’s truly a fashion inspiration when it comes to expressing her individuality. A true trendsetter with effortless style, she is fantastic at accessorizing and she is often seen wearing vintage items with a modern twist. Her love of oversize jewelry and accessories has led her to develop her very own fashion line inspired by 1960’s hippie style. She also does a great job of pulling off the hippie headband look. Take note, Nicole Richie has enviable bohemian style indeed!

nicole richie style

                                                         Nicole Richie rocks the headband and statement necklace look.

nicole richie

                                                                                    Its all about the accessories!

nicole richie photo shoot

                                                                  Chunky statement jewelry is part of her signature style!

nicole richie headband

                                                     Looking fantastic in dark hair, a golden headband, and printed top.

Sneak Peek- Leather Cuff Bracelets

Leather cuff bracelets are very rock star! Not for the dainty or super feminine, this type of edgy jewelry looks great no matter what season. A great way to dress up a casual t shirt and jeans outfit, these cuffs are versatile enough to wear from day to night. Layer them with other bracelets for a look that’s trendy at the moment. Silver and gold look best with leather so try them with these colours. Another idea is to pair them with beaded or gemstone bracelets. They also look fantastic when worn with cocktail rings, especially blue or turquoise ones.

We’re very excited to soon be carrying a few different designs of  leather cuff bracelets in our online store. We’ll have them with and without studs and embellishments on black, white, brown and deep red colours of leather. We’ll also have very simple designs including a braided style that will be perfect for mixing, matching and layering for a cool, bohemian style. Here’s a sneak peek of a few leather cuff bracelets from Indiverve.

Which one is your favourite?

1)  studded leather wrap bracelet

white leather studded wrap bracelet


2) studded leather cuff leather studded cuff bracelet

brown leather studded cuff bracelet

3) sliced leather cuff with studsred leather studded cuff bracelet

red leather studded cuff bracelet

Funky Feather Jewelry for Spring

Feather jewelry, another celebrity inspired trend from last year, continues to be in style throughout the spring/summer. Feathers as jewelry is making its way not only as earrings but also in necklaces, clothing and as hair accessories. Wearing feathers is a hip, bohemian look that first became popular during the 1970’s when free spirited women wore them in their hair. This trend has become ultra popular this year with the revival of 60’s and 70’s vintage style. The nice thing about feathers as jewelry is its so comfortable and light to wear- perfect for a casual and funky look.

For fashion forward style, longer and larger feathers seem to be the most popular but its easy enough to find smaller feather pieces as well. If you like to be the centre of attention, then feather jewelry is for you. If you want to show off your hairstyle or cheekbones, feather jewelry will definitely help flatter these features. Pieces in teal blue, bright pink, red, indigo and sand hues are all hot this spring season.

Below are Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sienna Miller all rocking the feather jewelry trend! We love Garcelle’s bright blue earrings which contrast nicely with her cheery orange top. Gwyneth’s hot pink earrings really pop against her revealing black blouse.

celebrities in feather earrings

blue feather earrings

Our model wears bright blue feather earrings with hints of orange and yellow

blue feather earrings

Close up of feather earrings

blue feather necklace, earrings and bangles

Blue feather necklace, feather earrings and matching bangles

peacock feather print earrings

Taking the feather look and imprinting it on these earrings