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Tribal Jewelry Inspiration

We adore the tribal look and how it has influenced bohemian fashion and style. Eclectic, unique, detailed, funky and intricate are just a few words used to describe tribal style. Its interesting to see how the tribal look has become popular in modern and mainstream fashion even though its very traditional and has been worn by women for centuries in many parts of the world- a good example of how fashion recycles itself over and over again over many years.

Tribal style transcends borders and is worn and influenced by all women from well-known celebrities to traditional women who wear it every day as part of their wardrobe. Indian tribal jewelry, in particular, has influenced our designs at Indiverve. We’re in love with the intricate, complicated patterns of tribal jewelry, which we feel are true pieces of art.

tribal inspiration

Tribal inspiration from various sources.

Below, we put together our own toned down version of a tribal jewelry look using all of our jewelry from store.indiverve.com. We paired silver and copper tribal cuff bracelets with leather ones and added bright pops of turquoise and fuchsia chunky cocktail rings to complete the look. Choose several pieces together for a bold tribal look, or just one or two for a simplistic look.

For more tribal fashion in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings visit store.indiverve.com. Use code tribalstyle at check-out for a 10% off discount on your order. We ship internationally!

boho tribal

All of these pieces are available at our online store.


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Tuesday Inspiration

When You Want Something You've Never Had,You Have To Do Something You've Never DoneHow many of us can relate to today’s inspirational quote? Trying something new can be a big challenge, but it can also be a rewarding one if the results get you to where you want to be. Similarly, taking the plunge into the unknown and moving out of our comfort zone can be more than a little stressful at first. Starting a new job or career, starting a business, living in a foreign country, or even fighting for something important are all examples of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Questioning yourself over and over again and wondering if you’re making the best decision is often the hardest part of all.

But if you really stop and think about it, what’s the very worst that can happen when trying something you’ve never done? At worst, you’ll realize that whatever you’re doing isn’t working and you simply try something else. Sometimes it is better than going back to what you’ve done before. At best, you’ll have discovered a hidden talent, passion, or place that just seems to fit and makes sense to you. Either way, when you look back to the time you tried something new, you’ll have no regrets. At least you had the courage to try and change your current situation.

Runway Looks That Inspire Us

We have so much that inspires us that we could write dozens of posts about all of it. Thank goodness for Pinterest so we can easily share images and find inspiration from others around the world wide web. Below, is a little collection of some of the images that have caught our eye. All of them feature something exquisite whether it be rich embroidery, lovely patterns, creatively placed embellishments, or striking colour combinations. They all help get our creative juices flowing!

india fashion                                                                                           from blog.hippiecouture.com

london fashion week

                                                                   from London Fashion Week. Image: glamourexclusive.com

berlin fashion week embroidery

                                                                 from Berlin Fashion Week. Image: vanessajackman.blogspot.com

bangalore fashion week    from Bangalore Fashion Week. Image courtesy of timesofindia.com

Check out our entire board at: http://pinterest.com/indiverve/fashion-weeks/

For more inspiration, check out this older post on colours, patterns and embellishments.

Which is your favourite runway look?

Avial- a Keralan Fusion Band

Avial is an Indian alternative rock band which formed in the southern state of Kerala, India in 2003. The band is named after a popular dish often eaten in the south which is made from a mixture of different vegetables. The band’s music is a fusion of Keralan folk music and alternative rock.  Their songs are purely sung in the Malayalam language.



Avial has invented its own flavour of music, which the band members refer to as “Alternative Malayali Rock.” It reflects the unique heritage of Kerala life. The band’s musical style has been complimented for outstanding instrumental play and brilliant singing and lyrics. Avial has performed in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and  Thiruvananthapuram, to name a few.

We really enjoy listening to Avial! Their eclectic sound is truly one of a kind. Listen to this exceptional song entitled “Nada Nada” and check out the video, which portrays a glimpse into a hardworking Keralan lifestyle.


Nitin Sawhney- “Nadia”

nitin sawhneyNitin Sawhney is an Indian- British musician, producer and composer. His sound combines Asian and other worldwide influences with elements of electronica and jazz and often explores themes such as multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. Sawhney is also active in the promotion of arts and cultural matters and has done collaboration work with Sting, Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Taio Cruz, Imogen Heap, Anoushka Shankar and many others. Read and learn more about him and his music here.

Listen to “Nadia”, below, just one outstanding track of Nitin Sawhney to turn up and enjoy!

Which Nitin Sawhney track do you recommend?

Coke Studio- “Balaman”

On its website’s introduction page, Coke Studio eloquently states, “Coca-Cola believes that music can bridge barriers, celebrate diversity and bring out something greater than the sum of its parts.” At Indiverve, we absolutely agree with this statement! It delights us that something like Coke Studio exists and that it does such a fantastic job of showcasing some amazing talent. As mentioned in a previous post on Coke Studio, it doesn’t matter if you can’t speak or understand the language of the lyrics because its all about the melody of the song and its about the voices, instruments, and how it carries you away as you listen.

Check out this collaboration from season one called “Balaman” by Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh, yet another beautifully composed fusion song. Put it on repeat and enjoy every second!

Quote of the Day: Humanitarian and Fashion Icon Bianca Jagger

“Gandhi became my role model. I have always been interested in Eastern philosophy. Since early in my life I’ve been fascinated by India, and I have spent a great deal of time traveling in that country.”

-Bianca Jagger

Human rights advocate and 1970’s style icon, Bianca Jagger once showed up at the famous Studio 54 on a white horse! A very striking woman who was once married to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, her style was bold and fun. She could pull off any look from all over sequins and sparkles, to menswear.

Nicaraguan born, she traveled extensively throughout India and was influenced by Gandhi’s non-violent success and eastern philosophy, in general. A founder of her own charity and through work with Amnesty International, she received numerous awards for her humanitarian work over the years. She has written articles and has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events throughout the world on issues including genocide, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, war crimes against humanity, crimes against future generations, the Former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Central America, Iran, Iraq, India, children and women’s rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, and climate change.

Mick and Bianca Jagger