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Irresistible Embroidered Silk Scarves

One-of-a-kind, intricately detailed and ultra luxurious, our embroidered silk scarf collection features unique and eclectic designs that are hard to find. Exclusively handcrafted with rich embroidery onto 100% silk, you can bet that nobody else will have the same one. Slight ruching with fine fringe details gives the scarves character while presenting a wearable piece of art.

In floral, paisley, and abstract prints in rich colours like lime green, bronze and grey, silver with lavender details, and coral pink mixed with fuchsia and orange tones, our silk embroidered scarves are great for any season but we love them for spring so we can show them off in their entirety!

flower silk scarf

Embroidered Floral Scarf

grey embroidered scarf

Embroidered Scarf in Abstract Print

coral silk scarf

Embroidered Paisley Scarf

Make the scarf the focal point of any outfit and keep the rest plain. Use one to glam up your jeans and tee or make it the luxurious finishing touch to your little black dress for a big night out. However you style your scarf, be prepared for compliments! For lace lovers, check out our post on a few of our favourite vibrant lace scarves here.

Shop our silk scarf collection here: http://store.indiverve.com/collections/silk-scarfs


Colours, Patterns and Embellishments

We love the unique designs showcased by the multitude of colors, rich patterns, and embellishments which are popular and commonly found in India. For more images of what inspires us, check out our board on Pinterest entitled “Our Inspiration“. Here are just a few ideas that influence our designs:

1) Paisley– The intricate design has long been used in India and resembles the shape of a mango. Popularity of the paisley design grew in the late 1960’s when the Beatles made their way to India and became associated to psychedelic style shortly after.

paisley design

                                                                                                          paisley design

2) Embroidery– The art and handicraft of decorating fabric with thread or yarn, embroidery has been popular in many different countries around the world. It can also be made from other materials such as sequins and beads and placed on clothing, scarves, blankets, and hats to name a few. India is a country known to have some of the most amazing traditional hand embroidery.

indian embroidery

golden threaded embroidery

3) Beading– Used as a form of adornment, beading has existed for thousands of years as evidenced through archaeological records. The variety of beading is endless thanks to the difference in colours, sizes, and materials available. We love it as jewelry and as an embellishment on clothing.


                                                                                              an assortment of bright beads

4) Colour– People have a love of bright and vibrant colours in India. From festivals to Bollywood, there is an interesting symbolic meaning of colour. Bright colours have made a recent come back in fashion, one example being the popularity of neon hues found in clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

bright fabric

fabric in bright and bold colours

5) Patterns– From animal prints, to graphic prints, floral prints and stripes, patterns are popular in a big way this year. We love the look of paisley and lady-like floral and funky geometric prints. Lace is another look we really like and it will inspire some of our clothing and scarves.

animal print

 popular animal prints

Fun Ways to Wear Your Favourite Scarves

Keeping in line with spring 2012’s plethora of bold colours and prints, we showcase some of our favourite looks that we put together recently at our very first fashion photo shoot using our collection of scarves. It was a lot of fun coming up with these looks together with the limited time we had that day.

Get creative with your scarves and as the weather warms up, consider wearing one as a top, as a  dress (if you’re petite it will be even easier for you), or as a skirt where you could tie it sarong style or wrap it as a mini skirt. All you need are safety pins to fasten the scarf securely after wrapping it around your body in your chosen style. We mostly used scarves that measured 30 x 70 inches.

These outfits pictured are proof that scarves aren’t limited to only being worn around your neck or as a bathing suit cover up. We encourage getting creative and wearing them in fun and different ways!

scarf as dress

Here, we used one scarf as a tube top, one as a skirt with leggings, and completed the look with a beaded statement necklace in copper.

scarves worn multiple ways

The same scarves were used for this look but we added another pink patterned scarf worn as a shawl.

tie dye scarf top

For this look we used our lace, tie dyed scarf as a one-shoulder top with jeans, plus we draped another scarf around the model’s arms.

scarf worn as shawl

Here’s the same tie dyed scarf is simply worn as a shawl over a plain black tank top with jeans.

scarf sari style

We draped our paisley printed turquoise scarf as a one shoulder dress and added chunky jewelry to this look.

scarf worn as dress

We used just one striped scarf as a sleeveless dress with skinny jeans and then tied another scarf as a belt for this look.

                                       Which look is your favourite? Would you try any of these scarf styles?

New Year Style Resolutions for 2012

What are your resolutions for 2012? Besides the usual exercise more often, quit a bad habit for good, spend more time with family and friends and the list goes on. At Indiverve, we’ve come up with a few ideas on how to incorporate some new and exciting looks to your style.

1. Go for a bold print- Whether its tribal prints, black and white checks, flower, animal or paisley prints anything other than solid and muted is right in style for the upcoming year. Branch out a bit and go a little wild for a change! If you prefer something a little less attention grabbing, try a bold bracelet or some funky earrings such as:

blue beaded earrings and peacock print earrings

2. Try a bright lip colour– Toss out your old neutral coloured lip glosses and try a pop of bright lip colour like electric pink, orange or cherry red. Its a statement look for your lips so be sure to keep the rest of your make- up neutral.

bright and bold lip colour ideas

3. Clean out your closet– A New Year means a New You so set some time aside and go through your wardrobe. Are there any pieces that you haven’t worn in the past year? Donate them. There are hundreds of charities who will give your clothes to the less fortunate plus you’ll feel good about it too 🙂 Same goes for anything that is too big or too small. You likely won’t wear it so give it away! You’ll end up having less clutter and a nicely organized closet.

4. Rock a neon- coloured item– This is a trend for 2012 so why not try it out? It’ll brighten up your look in seconds. Try a pair of neon shoes, a bold bag or statement jewelry. Here’s one funky tribal necklace we love in a bright turquoise shade:

turquoise tribal necklace

5. Change your hairstyle– If you’ve always wanted a short hair style, now’s the time to try it out! If your hair is already short, consider growing it long for a new look. Too big of a change? Try something less risky like getting bangs. If you don’t like them you can always grow them back out. Or try a new haircolour or add highlights/ lowlights. How about trying the two tone colour to the tips of your hair? Either way, it’ll be fun and refreshing to enhance your look.

two tone hair colour

6. Switch it up– Do you almost always wear pants? Why not try a cute and comfy dress or leggings with a skirt or long tunic? Step out of your comfort zone and try something you don’t normally wear. Maybe you’ll really like it and it will become your go-to look! Always wearing dark denim pants? Try a trendy bold colour like red, emerald green or cobalt blue or even better- printed pants or leggings! Never really worn much jewelry? This is the year to bring it into your wardrobe. And the bolder and brighter, the better! Accessories are the easiest way to jazz up a plain outfit. Try these looks:

purple threaded earrings

blue stone necklace

7. Don’t follow the fashion rules- Finally, all these tips are only suggestions and you know what works best for you better than anyone. Just try to branch out a bit and have fun with fashion. That’s what its all about! The best look of all is a happy look so remember to smile, stop and smell the roses and just like fashion, don’t take life too seriously!

Cheers to 2012!


Scarves Galore!

Ah, scarves! The perfect classic accessory for any season, they were more commonly worn to keep out the cold. Now, they can be worn at any time of year and in all temperatures depending on the materials used. The possibilities of wearing scarves are endless so don’t be afraid to experiment! One thing we love about scarves is the fact that you can dress up a boring old t- shirt in an instant and go from plain to chic, without breaking the budget. For more creative ways to wear scarves click here. Below are a few more of Indiverve’s favourites, straight from India!

Lace is in!

A fun paisley print in a soothing aqua colour!

Long live the tie dye!

Can’t get enough paisley, especially in this funky colour combo!