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Indiverve’s Vancouver Fashion Week Debut

Check out our cat walk debut filmed by Vancouver Fashion Week TV from start to finish on YouTube.

Our debut at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 was officially a success! We met several local and international designers, media, new customers and friends as well as a few celebrities thrown in the mix! The adrenaline pumping excitement and thrill of being backstage and part of the show made us blissfully excited for future fashion events to follow.

Having a first-hand experience from carefully selecting our 16 runway looks complete with Indiverve jewelry, hair and make-up to being showcased as a vendor, to rehearsing and being backstage watching our models trot down the runway in our designs was positively satisfying. Working with the Vancouver Fashion Week team was a pleasure and we were very impressed with how well everything came together in the end. What a genuinely inspiring experience for our small team. We can’t wait for what the future holds for Indiverve. We truly feel we’re a part of the local Vancouver fashion community.


Runway Looks That Inspire Us

We have so much that inspires us that we could write dozens of posts about all of it. Thank goodness for Pinterest so we can easily share images and find inspiration from others around the world wide web. Below, is a little collection of some of the images that have caught our eye. All of them feature something exquisite whether it be rich embroidery, lovely patterns, creatively placed embellishments, or striking colour combinations. They all help get our creative juices flowing!

india fashion                                                                                           from blog.hippiecouture.com

london fashion week

                                                                   from London Fashion Week. Image: glamourexclusive.com

berlin fashion week embroidery

                                                                 from Berlin Fashion Week. Image: vanessajackman.blogspot.com

bangalore fashion week    from Bangalore Fashion Week. Image courtesy of timesofindia.com

Check out our entire board at: http://pinterest.com/indiverve/fashion-weeks/

For more inspiration, check out this older post on colours, patterns and embellishments.

Which is your favourite runway look?

Fashion Poll- The Neon Trend: Do or Don’t?

We’ve been seeing neon colours all over the place lately and although the trend seems a little controversial to some, reminding them of the 80’s and 90’s, it can be fun and can look very chic if worn subtly- just don’t wear it head to toe! Pairing it with neutral colours such as khaki, light blue, navy, white or brown can help tone it down. The neon look is all about having fun however you decide to incorporate it into your wardrobe. We especially love the look of turquoise and orange or red together!

Is the neon look your cup of tea or do you feel this trend should stay in the past?

neon fashion trend

The neon look from the runway

Jennifer Lopez neon dress

Jennifer Lopez rocks the neon look in this bright dress