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Tribal Jewelry Inspiration

We adore the tribal look and how it has influenced bohemian fashion and style. Eclectic, unique, detailed, funky and intricate are just a few words used to describe tribal style. Its interesting to see how the tribal look has become popular in modern and mainstream fashion even though its very traditional and has been worn by women for centuries in many parts of the world- a good example of how fashion recycles itself over and over again over many years.

Tribal style transcends borders and is worn and influenced by all women from well-known celebrities to traditional women who wear it every day as part of their wardrobe. Indian tribal jewelry, in particular, has influenced our designs at Indiverve. We’re in love with the intricate, complicated patterns of tribal jewelry, which we feel are true pieces of art.

tribal inspiration

Tribal inspiration from various sources.

Below, we put together our own toned down version of a tribal jewelry look using all of our jewelry from store.indiverve.com. We paired silver and copper tribal cuff bracelets with leather ones and added bright pops of turquoise and fuchsia chunky cocktail rings to complete the look. Choose several pieces together for a bold tribal look, or just one or two for a simplistic look.

For more tribal fashion in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings visit store.indiverve.com. Use code tribalstyle at check-out for a 10% off discount on your order. We ship internationally!

boho tribal

All of these pieces are available at our online store.


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Clothing and Jewelry Gift Bundles For Her

Still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your fashionable best friend, mother, sister, or any other style savvy lady in your life? We presented our jewelry and accessory bundles a few days ago and today we present our Clothing and Jewelry Gift Bundles. Each bundle features one of our best selling bohemian style clothing items- either a top or dress, plus some amazing tribal and boho style jewelry to complement it. Our stylists created each bundle especially for the free spirited fashionista. Each bundle is priced for a variety of budgets too!

To view all of our Holiday Gift Bundles in detail click here.

Order now for arrival by December 24th.

Seasons Greetings!

bohemian fusion gift bundle

black and White Chic gift bundle for xmas

tribal gift bundle with xmas

Boho Chic Gift Bundle

Jewelry and Accessories Gift Bundles for Her

Time flies and its hard to believe its already December! We’re excited for our very first Christmas season and all the hustle and bustle surrounding it. Although we’ve been enjoying some of the festivities around Vancouver, we’ve also been busy creating some cool stuff. Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve put together some amazing Gift Bundles! Each item in our collections was handpicked by our stylists, with love. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your mom, sister, best friend or yourself (cause we all need to treat ourselves once in awhile) our Gift Bundles are a great choice for the fashion savvy lady!

Each of our bundles feature chunky boho chic  jewelry and a handcrafted belt or scarf, depending on the bundle chosen. In turquoise, lime green, copper, bronze and gold colours and made of a variety of materials including beads, wood, metal and glass for a  funky, one-of-a-kind style. We’ve also created bundles that come with a top or dress plus matching jewelry, which we will showcase ASAP. Check out our e-store here for all of our Holiday Gift Bundles in more detail. We will be adding more in the very near future so please keep checking back.

Happy Holidays!beads and turquoise gift bundle xmasCopper Statements Gift Bundle xmas decorGlamourous in Gold Gift Bundle with xmas decorslime and peacock bundle xmas decorForever Boho Gift Bundle with xmas decortribal and bronze gift bundle

                                         Shop all Indiverve Holiday Gift Bundles online at: store.indiverve.com

Metallic Fashion Inspiration

A metallic touch will give everyday outfits a futuristic feel. Gold, silver, copper and bronze toned pieces create richness and elegance while putting a fresh spin on more timeless looks. Incorporate the look into your wardrobe with shiny solid colours and detailed embellishments on your clothing, jewelry and accessories! To see more products from Metallic Touch, our metallic inspired collection, click here.

metallic jewelry and accessories

We love this trend for fall and winter 2012 and hope it sticks around. These shiny pieces are perfect for the holiday season for those extra special soirees when we all welcome a little extra sheen. Here’s a few ideas on how to wear metallics:

  • Pair metallics with neutral colours. For example, a metallic silver skirt with a nude coloured blouse looks tres chic!
  • Add chunky metallic jewelry to your little black dress or little white dress (our favourite!)
  • Wear clothing with tiny metallic details like embellishments around the neckline in the form of sequins and other shiny touches.
  • Try leather jewelry and accessories with silver studs for an edgy and trendy look.
  • If all else fails, paint your nails in a shiny silver, gold or copper shade- always a winner and safe bet for those afraid to go overboard on this trend. Same goes for using a metallic eye shadow to complete your look.

Visit our Canadian online boutique at store.indiverve.com to find every item pictured in the collage.

What’s your favourite metallic shade- silver, gold, copper, or bronze?

5 Ways to Wear Turquoise this Fall/Winter

Turquoise should not be a summer only colour. Agree or disagree? How many ladies love to wear turquoise all year round? At Indiverve, we think its a definite do! The key to wearing turquoise in the fall is to pair it with dark colours. Or break all rules and wear it with light colours, normally meant for the summer. We love turquoise on jewelry so we’ll focus on how to wear it with clothing and colours you probably already have in your closet.  Try the following alluring colour combinations.

1) Turquoise and Pink

The turquoise pieces in this necklace really pop against a light pink top.

turquoise with light pink

Poncho Top in Sheer Pink http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/sheer-poncho-top-in-blush-pink

Beads and Charms Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/beads-charms-necklace

2) Turquoise and Black

Wear a chunky statement necklace in a bright turquoise with a little black dress like Megan Fox. The combination looks very elegant!

turquoise necklace with black dress

Turquoise Circles Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_necklaces/products/turquoise-circles-bone-beads-necklace

3) Turquoise and Denim 

Wear turquoise coloured jewelry with a casual denim jacket or with your favourite jeans and t shirt look.

denim and turquoise coloured earrings

Tribal Beaded Earrings http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/boho-beaded-earrings

4) Turquoise and White

A turquoise tribal necklace really pops when its worn with a white top.

white top with turquoise necklace

Chunky Turquoise Stone Necklace http://store.indiverve.com/collections/collections_turquoise-treasures/products/chunky-turquoise-stone-necklace

Embellished Tunic Top http://store.indiverve.com/collections/clothing_tops/products/embellished-tunic-top

5) Turquoise and Copper

A top or dress in turquoise would look lovely with copper jewelry as the finishing touch.

turquoise with copper jewelry

Copper Chandelier Earrings http://store.indiverve.com/collections/jewelry_earrings/products/copper-pieces-chandelier-earrings

Which turquoise inspired look are you most likely to sport?

Which Threaded Necklace Do You Like Best?

checkered beaded necklace

Lovely black & white look featuring our Beaded Checkered Necklace

Threaded necklaces are very unique and versatile types of jewelry. They can be casual and fun or very glamorous depending on the look you’re striving for on a particular day. Threaded necklaces would definitely fall into the boho chic category mostly because they’re decorated with beads in natural materials. Our threaded necklaces are made from glass and wooden beads painted in stunning colours. Strong threads are then laced, by hand, and knotted amongst the beads creating a stylish woven look. We love the layered look of our threaded necklace collection. Each necklace has at least three layers of beads creating a unique statement look perfect for any occasion.

Simple to wear, these necklaces can bring a plain top to life!  Think good old trusty t-shirts or long sleeved shirts in neutral shades like white, black, grey or brown to keep the style effortless looking. Wear the necklace with jeans or to jazz up a little black dress ensemble. We particularly like the lime green hued necklace paired with a charcoal grey top or dress. These two colours look surprisingly delightful together!

Tell us, which threaded necklace is your favourite? Please vote below 🙂

1) Threaded Necklace in Lime Green

green glass beaded threaded necklace

2) Black and White Beaded Necklace
green glass beaded threaded necklace

3) Turquoise Threaded Necklaceturquoise glass threaded necklace

Go Tribal for Fall!

We love the tribal look for Fall and the multitude of exotic patterns and prints it comes in. Incorporating this fun trend through jewelry is a great way to experiment with the look.  A hit for any occasion from a casual outing to a big night out, the funky tribal look is the perfect way to add a trendy touch to your look.

In Nepal and Tibet, women are often seen wearing oversized, and sometimes, bulky pieces of jewelry. Natural rustic marks of hand craftsmanship can be seen when looking very closely at the jewelry. This is a sign the jewelry is made by hand, and not by a machine. Jewelry plays an important role in the culture in this part of the world. Jewelry is a part of dress in every day life and its a symbol of spirituality. Wearing it is believed to be a way to draw close to the gods. Its also believed that wearing jewelry brings protection from evil spirits.

Check out the TribalPendant Necklace, below, from our “Go Tribal” collection and how we styled it. Rich turquoise works nicely with red and gold designs against a plain black background in this perfectly round pendant. The colours go well with the sheer poncho top in black, as worn by our lovely model.

We’ve created a short video to showcase our love for tribal jewelry! To view the video, click here: Go Tribal. To shop our tribal jewelry collection, click here.

In what ways do you rock the tribal look?

tibetan style pendant

                           Our Tibetan Pendant Necklace, above, and how we styled it with our Poncho Top in Sheer Black, below:

tibetan style pendant