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Keep Warm, Look Hot | Top Five Indiverve Pieces for the Holiday Season

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Fall’s chill becomes sharper and more brisk. The pumpkin spice latte makes way for the ginger-bread chai latte and the air is filled with the coziness (and anxiety) of the impending holidays. In the spirit of this, we have selected the top five Indiverve pieces for the holiday season – sure to make it on your wish list!


1. Our Embroidered top, inspired by the traditional Indian Kurta, is as versatile as it is chic. Simply toss over a pair of jeans or leggings or tuck into a skirt for a bohemian inspired holiday look. The rich chocolate shade is warm and conjures up images of decadent truffles and creamy hot chocolate while our turquoise version flatters every skin tone and makes us think of falling snow. We couldn’t pick just one!


2. Our Floral Tunic Top in Black Shimmer is one of our most popular pieces and made quite a splash at our debut at Vancouver Fashion Week. Burn-out printed black velvet with gold, effervescent threads – this piece will stun at your holiday parties.


3. This flapper-esque fringe dress is definitely statement-making. Sequined and beaded with rows of cascading fringe – wall-flowers need not apply. Channel Daisy Buchanan with this vintage stunner.


4. Scarves are fantastic for dressing up an outfit. On the laziest of days, a vibrant scarf can inject an eclectic shot of style into the dullest of outfits. Our paisley scarf is made of 100 percent woven silk and is hand-beaded and embroidered by Indian artisans meaning that each piece is slightly unique and is a work of art in itself. This shade of ruby is perfect for the festivities of the Winter season!



5. This hand-beaded belt is like a piece of jewelry in itself. In a classic colour combination of black and white, we suggest you pair it with a little black dress, flute of sparkling water or champagne, a ruby red pout and channel Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas.


Indiverve’s Vancouver Fashion Week Debut

Check out our cat walk debut filmed by Vancouver Fashion Week TV from start to finish on YouTube.

Our debut at Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 was officially a success! We met several local and international designers, media, new customers and friends as well as a few celebrities thrown in the mix! The adrenaline pumping excitement and thrill of being backstage and part of the show made us blissfully excited for future fashion events to follow.

Having a first-hand experience from carefully selecting our 16 runway looks complete with Indiverve jewelry, hair and make-up to being showcased as a vendor, to rehearsing and being backstage watching our models trot down the runway in our designs was positively satisfying. Working with the Vancouver Fashion Week team was a pleasure and we were very impressed with how well everything came together in the end. What a genuinely inspiring experience for our small team. We can’t wait for what the future holds for Indiverve. We truly feel we’re a part of the local Vancouver fashion community.

Indiverve’s Fall Five

It’s almost that time of year again. Summer’s long blissful sunny days shorten and adopt a brisk chill. The streets get busier and traffic becomes even more headache inducing as everyone that had abandoned the city for their vacation getaway comes traipsing back with a tanned, perky vengeance. Necklines get higher and hem-lines get lower, fabrics get thicker, layers increase and shoes provide more coverage – goodbye sandals, hello unpractical dove grey suede booties. Yes, the end of summer is always a bittersweet time. Late August should in fact be considered a season of its own called “Coming-back-to-reality-ember”.  Summer’s fantasies come to an abrupt end and we are forced to trade in our lazy-daisy attitudes for our organized, practical, work-friendly alter-egos.

It’s not all grey skies though (figuratively or literally)! Not only is it the time when the once green leaves blush crimson and coffee shops start making their Fall inspired beverages (pumpkin spice chai anyone?) but  Autumn is also the time to bust out those cozy cardigans, printed silk scarves, sexy patterned tights and boots. How we love the boots.

To help us all get in the mood for Fall, we have presented you with our “Fall Five” – our top five Indiverve pieces that will ease your post-summer blues and help you to happily transition into Fall.

Burn-out Velvet Dress-$87.00-cotton,viscose,lurex

1.  This opulent take on the classic LBD is stunning and perfect for those Fall events (hello Vancouver Fashion Week – September 16th to 21st). The molten gold threads in the printed velvet instantly catch the light and will help to combat grey sky blues. While this flashy little number is best suited for more lavish, celebratory occasions, it can be instantly dressed down with a sexy leather jacket or Kurt Cobain-esque denim jacket for a fun upscale meets urban down-town feel.

5Dm2.IMG_191532.  This cognac colored silky dress is the ideal transitional piece from late Summer throughout Fall. The airy fabric is light enough not to weigh you down on still-warm September days but the colors reminiscent of crunchy fall leaves and spiced apple cider are utterly appropriate for cozy Autumn.

Yellow Lace Patch Scarf- $45.25-linen

3. There is nothing like a gorgeous scarf to add some vibrant life to a life-less, drab, Beetle Juice-esque ensemble. This particular gem with its contrasting linen and lace has an eclectic vintage charm that will make you long for Autumn days of flea-market scouring and coffee-shop lingering. The creamy, butter yellow color is cheerful and surprisingly flattering against every skin-tone – so many people think that they can’t pull off yellow – not the case, it actually diminishes redness in your skin and gives a healthy peaches and cream glow.

coral silk scarf4. With its hand-embroidered, beaded silk, this scarf instantly evokes thought of India and its vibrant culture and people. The intricate beading and opulent embroidery is done completely by hand, giving each scarf a luxurious, exotic aesthetic and feel. In vivid coral, straw yellow and steel grey, these scarves are surprisingly versatile and add a touch of oriental flare to even the most basic, monochromatic Fall ensemble.

IMG_6605hrelllo_large5.  Earthy yet enigmatic, our wooden feathered earrings pay tribute to the majestic environmental beauty of British Columbia. Referencing the province’s vast rainforests and abundant wildlife, these earrings will instantly make you feel at one with mother nature while giving your look a down to earth, bohemian feel.

One of our favorite parts of people watching in the city is seeing all of the different, unexpected ways that some people wear their clothes. We hope that whatever it is that you decide to wear this Fall, whether you decide to launch immediately into cardigans, scarves, and ankle booties, or whether you decide to hold onto your summer attire until the last possible second, we hope that you wear it in a way that is unique to you.

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” G. Bruce Boyer

Indiverve X Vancouver Fashion Week

We’re delighted to announce that Indiverve Retail Company will be featured at this September’s Vancouver Fashion Week! Its been a busy last few weeks with the set-up of our pop-up boutique plus loads of preparation for the quickly approaching show. The Spring/ Summer 2014 show will go from September 16th to 21st and will take place at the Chinese Cultural Centre in downtown Vancouver. Its a fast growing and must not miss event that fashion bloggers, media, and celebrities will all surely be taking in.

Follow us as we get prepared for our big debut as well as the different events we will be planning at our pop-up boutique. Much more to come on these exciting developments!

Vancouver Fashion Week