A World of Stylists |Top 5 Polyvore Posts

So for those who are not aware of what Polyvore is, allow us to introduce you to this delightful gem of a website. Polyvore is a social media site that allows users to save and source images and create collages or outfits using the images that one saves and the products that one adds to their “closet”. Users are also able to peruse through others collages and like, comment, save and share. Essentially its the lovechild of Facebook and Pinterest and contains posts on everything from fashion and interior design to health tips and recipes.  We have selected (and will continue to select) our favorite Polyvore posts of the week. Ah the beauty of the internet – everyone can become/have their own virtual team of stylists/decorators/nutritionists.


This post, titled “An Early Evening in Venice” was created by our Operations Manager Alicia Arruda. The woman is a travel junkie and despite her love for Vancouver, wants nothing more than to travel the world for the rest of her life whether it be by plane, train, car, bus, ferry, fishing boat or canoe. What would Alicia wear in her ideal world while traipsing along the cobble-stoned streets of Venice? A pleated, floor-length Chanel maxi-dress , a Pamela Love onyx ring, sleek leather heels, a printed silk scarf (ideally from Indiverve) and a vintage chocolate brown leather jacket. It’s sleek and sultry but oh-so bohemian as one would expect from an Indiverve girl.


Another creation by Miss Arruda, this look reminds us of what a modern-day Audrey Hepburn would wear on a Parisian morning while walking along the Champs Elysee. How in love with this mushroom printed dress are we? Truly, madly, deeply just like Savage Garden would say.


Winter can be a majestic, mesmerizing season. Ice-skating, cozy beverages, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year – it is all grand and dandy. It can also be incredibly depressing, especially if you happen to reside in the beautiful but gloomily rainy Pacific North-West. These sorbet-like hues of mint green, apricot, lavender and powder-blue have us day-dreaming about sunnier days in Spring.


Did anyone make it out to the Eastside Flea in Vancouver today? If so, did you dress for the occasion with unusual vintage pieces? We loved this outfit that was put together by Elizabeth Nicole. The dainty femininity of the flowery ruffled top is balanced by the rustically distressed leather flats and cognac hobo. Paired with sleek, skinny blue jeans, a light-as-air cardigan and filigree earrings and we are sold. It’s quirky but very elegant.


When we saw this, we couldn’t believe how completely Vancouver it was. Everything from the distressed leather satchel and shapeless black dress to the potted plant and smoothie screams I live in Kits, do The Bar Method and run the Seawall three times a week and have a deep and thorough understanding of every neutral shade from taupe to charcoal. We are from Vancouver too though and can more than appreciate the understated elegance and sexiness of an all neutral, silhouette shunning ensemble.

Do you know of any Polyvore posts that you would like us to feature? Or better yet, have you created any gems yourself? Send them our way to alicia@indiverve.com and we will include your ideas with full credit.




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Indiverve offers a variety of vibrant products ranging from trendy clothing and accessories, alluring jewelry, and eclectic home decor- all with an ethnic flair. Keeping the idea of modern femininity in mind, we strive to uncover some of India’s hidden gems for the shopper to enjoy. Indiverve was founded in 2011 by a small group of entrepreneurial minded people. We strive to embody the values of a social enterprise and are proud of the fact that we offer luxurious and contemporary, yet affordable products purely made in India. View all posts by Indiverve

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