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Samosas for a Rainy Day

Samosas are fried or baked pastry filled with spiced potatoes, lentils, peas, ground lamb or chicken. Most versions are triangular in shape and often eaten with chutney. They are a popular appetizer or snack in the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, and in some parts of Africa.

Making samosas at home is easier than you think. It takes time and patience but what you end up with will be spectacular. This recipe takes about 45 minutes to make. Be sure to give yourself lots of time. Frying them slowly and on medium heat will give you best results. These samosas are vegetarian. Try them along with a cup of chai!

1 cup all- purpose flour
water to knead dough
2 tbsp oil
a pinch of salt
1/4th tsp. ajwain seed (optional)
3-4 potatoes, boiled, peeled & mashed
1/2 cup green peas
1-2 green chilies, finely chopped
1/2 tsp ginger, chopped or powered
1 tbsp coriander
few chopped cashews
few raisins
1/2 tsp garam masala
salt, to taste
red chili powder, to taste
  • Mix all the ingredients (salt, oil, ajwain) except water.
  • Add a little water at a time.
  • Pat and knead well  into a soft dough.
  • Cover the dough and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Stuffing :

  • In a bowl, add mashed potatoes and all dry spices (salt, chili powder, and garam masala) green chilles and ginger. Mix well.
  • Stir in green peas, cashews and raisins.
  • Add coriander and keep aside.


  • Make small rolls of dough into 4″ diameter circles.
  • Cut dough into two parts in the form of a semi-circle.
  • Now take one semi- circle and fold it like a cone. Use water as needed.
  • Place small amount of filling in the cone and seal the it using a drop of water.
  • Heat oil in a pot and deep fry till golden brown. Fry on medium heat.
  • Scoop samosa out of oil and place on paper towel.
  • Enjoy with or without chutney sauce.

samosa filling

Potato based filling with spices, peas, raisins and cashews.

samosas before frying

Try to make the samosa in a cone shape, as pictured above.

samosas in oil

Fry the samosas on medium heat for about 10 minutes.


Delicious home made samosas!


Bright and Bold in Neon

Neon is back! As seen everywhere, especially as the weather warms up and we’re all eager to get into our summer gear and brighten up. The good news is the neon trend doesn’t have to remind you of the 80’s and can be worn in a much more fresh and sophisticated way. For some runway inspiration, read this post. Tangerine tango, a vibrant orange hue has been named by Pantone as colour of the year. Have you worn this colour yet? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts on it. Read on for more ideas and a few ultra colourful pieces of jewelry we’ll be carrying.

orange and red beaded necklace

                                                            Vibrant bright orange and candy apple red beaded necklace.

neon bangles

                   Bangle set in pops of orange and pink with hints of green, blue and gold. So much fun to mix and match!

fuchsia pink stone cocktail ring

                    Fuchsia pink stone cocktail ring with silver etched details- a sure way to start a conversation!

orange wooden chunky bangle

                                Wear the neon trend around your wrist with this chunky orange and gold wooden bangle.

These bright pieces would look best matched with muted colours like black, white, a black and white mix, or nude, which is also very popular right now. Another bright idea is experimenting with your make-up shades, especially on your lips. Lipsticks in shades like fuchsia, hot pink, orange, and cherry red are guaranteed to put you in a happy mood!

neon lipstick trend

                                                          Try neon lips this season! (courtesy of

What ways have you incorporated neon into your look?

Fashion Quote- Little Black Dress

Our quote of the day comes from renowned German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Although he’s sometimes involved in controversy, usually over a statement he’s made, no doubt he’s an icon in the international fashion industry. All controversies aside, we love this quote from him:

karl lagerfeld quote

We agree the little black dress is a must have in any women’s closet. Versatile and sophisticated looking however its styled, the little black dress is a staple which works for all seasons and fits in all circumstances. Dress it up for a night out by adding some bold jewelry like a fun cocktail ring or an intricate cuff. Alternately, you can toss a cute cardigan or blazer over top for the office. This summer, the little black dress will work really nicely with the ultra popular neon trend.

We’ll have many more styling tips with the little black dress in the future. Indiverve‘s own version of the little black dress is coming soon! Stay tuned….

5 Ideas for Rocking the Braided Hair Trend

We love all the different kinds of boho inspired braided hairstyles that have been heating up the spring and summer. Effortless and chic, braids are such a fun way to add some interest to an every day wash and wear hairstyle. Here’s just a few ideas on some of the different ways braids can be incorporated into your ‘do as seen on some top celebrities and models:

1) Wrap a braid all the way around your head and fasten with bobby pins on one side.

2) Weave a small braid along the side part in long bangs, letting the rest of your hair down.

3) Braid your hair to one side letting loose pieces fall on both sides.

4) Add small, loose plaits in random sections of hair, wearing the rest down and loose.

5) Braid a piece of bright fabric throughout an up -do for an instant funky, tribal look.

boho braid ideas

Do you have anymore fun braided hair do ideas?

Necklace Poll- Which is Your Favourite?

We’ve recently placed our very first orders for the merchandise coming soon to our online store. Recently, we were sent some images of other available pieces of jewelry and in particular, necklaces. As usual, we need help deciding which ones we should order and get put into production.

We love the mixture of gold chains twisted with vibrant blue beads in the first image. The second necklace is a nice casual beaded piece in a neutral brown that would perk up any outfit in an instant. Third, we have a funky necklace with double stranded wooden brown and fuchsia beads for an earthy, boho look.  Finally, there’s the ultra glam multi stranded statement necklace in a deep and striking turquoise blue colour.

Please vote and tell us, which is your favourite?

new necklace poll