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All Natural DIY Mask for Beautiful Skin

Going natural is always best. When it comes to beauty and keeping your skin clear and problem-free, a DIY facial mask using ingredients you have around your kitchen is definitely your best bet, in more ways than one! This miracle DIY mask, made of nutmeg, honey, and cinnamon is calming and soothing for stressed-out skin. It also happens to smell amazing, which is not always the case with store bought masks often full of chemicals which are tough to disguise.

honey cinnamon nutmeg mask

This simple, yet effective mask can be made by combining only three ingredients: nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey. So how exactly does it work, you ask? Nutmeg and honey act as natural anti-inflammatories, reducing swelling and redness in the skin. They’re also great for soothing acne scars, preventing infection and minimizing future break outs. In addition, the graininess of the nutmeg and cinnamon also work together to exfoliate your skin when you wash the mask off. Easy peasy!

Ingredients and method:

– 1 tsp. ground nutmeg

– 1 tsp. ground cinnamon

– 1 tbsp. pure honey

Combine ingredients together in a small bowl or container, mixing well until it forms a paste. Apply the mask to freshly cleansed skin (the skin must be cleansed and rinsed with luke warm water in order to open up the pores). Leave the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes. Relax… its your spa time! Then, rinse the mask with cool to luke warm (never hot) water while very gently scrubbing in a circular motion. Follow with your favourite moisturizer. Voila! Your skin will be glowing and should feel soft and smooth with less redness.

*Do not use this mask more than three times per week- its all about balance and you don’t want to over do it!

Tell us, did you try it? What were the results? What are some other all-natural DIY masks you’ve used with great results? Tell us in the comments section, below, and we can create a post about it.




Tribal Cuffs and a Holiday Discount

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tribal cuff bracelets

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4 Celebrity Boho Looks We Adore

Today, we bring to you a post on celebrity bohemian style that we cannot get enough of and absolutely adore! These ladies know how to work the boho trend and we look to them for some mega style inspiration. Although we love Nicole Richie aka. the queen of boho style, we will not be including her in this post. You can read an older post on her ultra hip style here. The ladies we’re featuring tend to regularly rock the boho look and we’re impressed at how well they express their own personal style- something that’s easy to do when you add pattern, chunky jewelry, and lots of bold colour to your look!

1) Rachel Zoe

Stylist, Rachel Zoe, was a pioneer of boho style, her go-to look being oversized jewelry and loose-fitting clothing. We love that she’s sporting sequins, a bangle, and a chunky cocktail ring in the below image:

Rachel Zoe

From the Rachel Zoe Project

2) Jessica Biel

The naturally beautiful Jessica Biel usually goes for ultra feminine and flowy styles, which we adore. She knows how to effortlessly pull off a casual, bohemian look. We heart her in this Glamour UK jewelry and make-up look, below:

Jessica Biel in chunky jewelry and blue eyeshadow

Jessica Biel in chunky jewelry and blue eyeshadow

3) Heidi Klum

We didn’t realize how often Miss Klum actually goes boho! Whether she’s casually stepping out or attending an A-list event, she often plays with pattern and accessories looking nothing but totally chic! We love her colourful scarf, below, it reminds us of our own scarf collection!

Heidi Klum drapes a patterned scarf over her outfit

Heidi Klum drapes a patterned scarf over her outfit

4) Kate Bosworth

Famous for her California boho style, Kate Bosworth is a major summer music festival attendee making her a huge influence on casual, flower child- like fashion. She’s also great at pulling off a more sophisticated look, when the time calls for it. She looked fantastic in this look, below, for Nylon magazine.

Kate Bosworth for Nylon magazine

Kate Bosworth for Nylon magazine

Which celebrity’s bohemian style do you most admire?